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Paris Engagement Photography

As wedding photographers we were super excited when asked for Pre- Wedding photography by Kate & Matt in Paris, France as the City of Love is a superb location for stunning engagement photography! With so many beautiful sites, such as Louvre in Paris, the Petit Palais & Tuileries in the city centre, and of course Eiffel Tower views from the Trocadero, it was important for us to make the most beautiful pictures of this wonderful couple in this beautiful city!

Engagement Photography in Paris

Engagement Photo Shoot in Paris

Kate & Matt are getting married at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent England later this year, and took our advice that pre-wedding engagement photography session is crucial for spectacular wedding photos on the day itself!

The weather was against us as it always seems to be for a Paris Wedding, but Kate & Matt wouldn’t let that deter them and we braved the elements and managed to capture some wonderful images for them.  Please see below a selection of photos from their pre-wedding photography session. Enjoy!

As we’ve mentioned before – and very well known amongst my clients and readers of this blog –  is that for wonderful engagement and wedding photos in a city like Paris you really need to be up (too) early in the morning!  Between the tourists and the traffic, it really can mean very early starts and late finishes, but we were super lucky that at least the variable weather kept many of the tourists away.  Whilst we didn’t have the sites to ourselves, we definitely got a lot more images than normally would be possible – a combination of bad weather and careful planning that worked great for our shoot!


Where to Have Engagement Photos in Paris?

Trocadero & Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel)

We decided to split their engagement session in two, with an early afternoon session at the Trocadero and the Bir-Hakem bridge (where we were accosted by some very helpful Indian tourists! haha).  This was a more relaxed session where we could take our time getting Kate & Matt over the nerves of having their engagement photos in Paris!

We discussed how many English people only have two experiences of professional wedding photography in their lives, school photos and weddings – meaning many couples have no idea what to expect! Let alone to then have such important photos in such a famous city like Paris!  However after an hour or so they were really getting the hang of proceedings, helped massively by their can-do spirit and the fact they were up for anything!

The Louvre

The second session took place near the Louvre and Tuilieres Gardens where we dressed up a bit for the occasion and planned to shoot through the sunset into the night time for some dramatic night time photos in Paris…  The weather and tourists seemed to be against us, but having said that we actually managed to get a lot done, and had quite a bit of fun doing it!

We took a mini break (with the world’s smallest espresso – a Parisian must!) at the cafe right by the Louvre so we could keep an eye on the weather.  We had a laugh and a chat, and beer or two went down well for Matt’s nerves!  They told me how they had to explain to their bosses what an engagement session even was, and why they had to go to Paris to do it!  Of course the older generations just ‘don’t get it’ but as Kate rightly said, once you mention it’s crucial for your wedding – they really can’t say no! haha

Petit Palais & Tuileries Gardens

More photos through the sunset and into the night, and we actually heard on the radio that the day we shot was the day that the architect of the Louvre I. M. Pei passed away, so it seemed rather fitting that we spend some extra time there to fully appreciate the beautiful pyramids and fountains, etc…

In the end we delivered well over 200 images to Kate & Matt for them to choose for their engagement guest book, a new record for us from any engagement session – but when you are shooting in Paris at such lovely locations, it would be criminal to deliver any less!


 Engagement Photography in Paris | Paris Wedding Photographer

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…

Paris Engagement Photography by Mykey Day

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