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Sophie & Jacob

London Engagement Photography

Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography in London

Sophie & Jacob wanted a stunning London engagement session to match their beautiful wedding at Cooling Castle coming up in October, and in particular as Jacob is from the USA it was especially important that they have a taste of London in their photo session. From London red buses, to St. Pauls, and from classic London streets to Tower Bridge, our journey across London ended in some stunning engagement photography before their big wedding!

Sophie & Jacob’s London Engagement Photography

Starting at St. Paul’s and with a quick trip over to Millennium Bridge as the sun began to set, we had many laughs and a good time as Sophie & Jacob very quickly got used to being in front of the camera.  As all our wedding photography clients find out, their first 30 minutes or so of being in front of a camera can be extremely embarrassing and nerve-racking. But with some fun jokes and time on our side, this stunning couple got camera happy super quickly meaning we could jump straight in to some top London landmarks and locations for some epic London pre wedding photography!
We soon moved over to Tower Bridge for the sunset and then over to the London Eye (formerly ‘Millennium Wheel’) for some dusk engagement photos.  Time was really flying by (they do say time flies when you’re having fun!), and it wasn’t long before we had to unfortunately stop the magic happening, but with so many fantastic photos of London locations in the bag we were all feeling well accomplished!

Sophie & Jacob paid a little extra for transport and to extend their engagement session to maximise their time in London and the quality and quantity of imagery they would receive, as such the session was almost 5 hours long but yielded almost 300 images to choose from for their canvas and engagement guest book for their wedding!

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