Jake & Wes Spring Pre-Wedding Photos

Jake & Wes

LGBT Engagement Photography

As wedding photographers with over 11 years full-time experience, the fact that it was a super rain-yday did not phase us! Luckily it didn’t worry Jakes and Wes either who were super excited about their pre-wedding engagement photography session ahead of their big wedding at Chilston Park this summer!

LGBT Wedding Photography

Engagement Photo Shoot in Kent

We had spent a lot of time back and forth deciding the best location for Jake & Wes’ photos, and eventually they saw a fantastic location on our website where we had shot before and wanted to go back and recapture the magic but also make the day their own!  With a backup plan of their wedding venue Chilston Park near Maidstone if the rain did not ease, off we set for a fantastic and fun session!

A bit nervous at first, like all our clients, it wasn’t long before (like all our clients!) they got into the swing of things – with some photos quite literally!  Barely 30 minutes in and Jake and Wes got the hang of it perfectly, and as the penny dropped the smiles increased and even the sporadic rain storms couldn’t stop us!

We ended up delivering over 300 images to this fantastic couple, a new record by far – but there were sooooo many good ones we couldn’t bare not to share them!



 Engagement Photography in Kent | Kent Wedding Photographer

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…

LGBT Engagement Photography by Mykey Day

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