Winter Pre Wedding Engagement Photography | Diana & Alex

Diana & Alex

Winter Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography

Winter Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography

Diana & Alex are a beautifully sweet couple and with such a fantastic sense of humour – we knew from the start that working with them was going to be fun.  With no wedding date set they nonetheless wanted some fantastic photos to capture their new engagement excitement! 


Winter Wedding Engagement Photographer Mykey Day

Alex had an amazing surprise for Diana, and we were so excited to be in on the secret ahead of their photo session that he was surprising her with a winter holiday getaway to Egypt the very next day! He forgot to bring the tickets to show off, but the Roses and and the news were more than enough for Diana to go crazy!
You wouldn’t know it but neither of them had done such a shoot before. They were utter pros! It’s not easy, especially in the winter when the skies kept going overcast! Diana & Alex let me choose the location so I could take them to some of the quieter spots and get some real intimate engagement photos that would capture their moments together.
Also arriving early helped, as we more or less had the park to ourselves! But luckily even in the midst of winter there was a cafe open serving hot chocolate and coffees to keep us going! The sun was popping in and out the whole day but this made for a wonderful variety of images for this young couple in love!  We can’t wait to hear from them once the wedding date is set!

Diana & Alex’s Winter Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…

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