What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

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What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

So you’ve just received your wedding photos from your wedding day? How exciting!  But… Now what?! Don’t worry, we’ve got the most common FAQs people ask after receiving their wedding images covered below.  From printing photos from your USB, to dealing with the plethora of requests from other wedding suppliers wanting images – we have it all answered here! 

Kent-Wedding-Photography-Knowlton-Court-Wedding-Knowlton-Wedding-Photographer-Best-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-19 What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

1.     Please READ the ‘Please Read Me’ Files

2.     Share on Facebook with friends and Family – Viewing on Televisions

3.     When your Venue / MUA / Florist /etc.. ask you for Photos

4.     Review your Album Design

5.     Printing Your Own Prints

6.     Have a Canvas or Two Made

7.     Leave a Review For Mykey Day Photography

8.     Referring Friends

8 Things To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Imagery

1.    Please READ the ‘Please Read Me’ Files

On your USB drive you will find a couple of ‘read me’ files which answer almost all the questions we tend to get from clients after they receive their wedding images.  They contain much more specific information about your photos and your wedding album than this article does, and often when we are asked we will refer you back to these files – so save some time and do read them!

2.    Share on Facebook with friends and Family – Viewing on Televisions

We want you sharing your images online – and we have a specific article here about the best practices and dos/donts of sharing images online. Click here to read the full article.

Furthermore, many clients plug their USBs into their 60 inch TVs for that home cinema effect – and we strongly encourage this for that WOW factor!  But for bear in mind televisions are not designed or calibrated for image viewing.  The most common issue is that they ‘overexpose’ images and they look too bright. Some simple adjustments to your set will resolve this.

Kent-Wedding-Photography-Knowlton-Court-Wedding-Knowlton-Wedding-Photographer-Best-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-11 What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

3.    When your Venue / MUA / Florist /etc.. ask you for Photos

It’s very likely that you will be inundated with requests from your wedding venue, your make-up-artist, Toastmaster, etc… asking for images from your wedding day for them to use on Facebook on their website.

Firstly, using images from us without Mykey Day Photography’s consent is copyright theft and we will take other wedding businesses to court for compensation when they benefit commercially from our copyrighted work.

Secondly, what a hassle for you to have to send them all! Looking back through all the images for specific pics of your MUA, or uploading the full 800 images for them can be a real annoyance.

The solution?  It’s simple! Send them to us (give them our website / e-mail details) and we’re always happy to provide images for other businesses.  Two birds, one stone!

4.    Review your Album Design

Take a look through your album design, what we call the Artist’s Choice!  Check out the Read Me files for more information on how the album will look on paper instead of on-screen, and also for more details of your collection contents and optional upgrades to your album…

5.    Printing Your Own Prints

We loooove it when clients print their own prints. The days of photographers holding images to ransom and forcing sales of hundreds of prints are (thankfully) over!  Put simply, we don’t have the time to make a million 4×6” prints for our 30+ clients a year, so encourage you to print for yourselves.

Having said that, do remember a couple of things: Firstly, we only guarantee the fidelity of our files up to medium sized photo prints (typically 8×12” prints), and anything above this will lose quality in the printing process.  We simply don’t have time to edit over 6-700 images all to giant canvas size, and the file sizes would be far too large for most clients to handle easily.

Secondly, when printing your own images, we do not guarantee the quality of third party printers who may not have calibrated machines or who may print in different colour spaces to the most common ones used.

The worst culprit are the instant print kiosks – and we STRONGLY advise you to avoid these altogether.  They are 99% always terrible quality, and as they say “you get what you pay for”. You can have the best wedding photographer on Earth, but print their photos cheaply and the photos will still look exactly like that “cheap…”

Mykey Day Photography has it’s own in house Lab quality printer for small to large fine art prints and a trusted partner for Museum Grade Quality Canvases.  Check your USB for pricing.

Kent-Wedding-Photography-Knowlton-Court-Wedding-Knowlton-Wedding-Photographer-Best-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-22 What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

6.    Have a Canvas or Two Made

Usually the first thing our clients do is get that Fine Art Canvas of their favourite WOW image from their wedding.

Take a look at your favourites and then also look at the space in your home for where it would look best!

Remember, our the images on your USB are not suitable for printing any canvases from, so do come back to us and let us know what you are wanting.  Included with all our canvases is a free photoshop work maximising the size and quality of your chosen images.

7.    Leave a Review For Mykey Day Photography

Reviews are the lifeblood of any small business, and we ask all our clients to leave a review so as to help new clients find their perfect wedding photographer.

For this we will gift you four free pages in your album because reviews are worth so much to us!  Check your ‘Read Me’ files on your USB for more information.

8.    Referring Friends

Much like reviews, referrals are vital for any small business.  Referrals are our best source of new clients, mainly because we find ‘awesome clients refer awesome clients’!

For this reason, and the fact that any other source of new client (wedding fairs, online advertising, magazine ads, etc…) cost us a lot of money.  With a referral we love giving back the money we saved to you, in the form of a free massive canvas, parents books, as well as potentially a discount for your referred friends. Get in touch to find out more!

Kent-Wedding-Photography-Knowlton-Court-Wedding-Knowlton-Wedding-Photographer-Best-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-5 What To Do When You Receive Your Wedding Images From Your Kent Wedding Photographer

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