What to do during your first Dance?

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What to do during your first Dance?


The first dance is possibly the most intimate and romantic parts of your wedding day and wedding reception (along with your ‘first kiss’ and your ‘creatives pictures’) and you might not know when you should do your first dance, or even what to do! What song should you choose? How do you dance? Does the wedding band play or the DJ?


Here we give you a run-down of need-to-knows before your first dance together as man and wife!


At what point during the reception should we do our first dance?


The first dance is usually the first event to happen during the evening reception, usually 60 minutes after the time evening guests have been invited to attend. The first dance is also the traditional start of the ‘party’ and lets your guests know that it’s time for them to get out of their seats and celebrate with you on the dance floor.

Some couples like to make a ‘Grand Entrance’ and make their way straight to the dance floor (before speaking with any guests), whilst many others will mingle with the evening guests as they arrive.

Often the timing of the first dance is fixed on the timeline, however you’ll find on your wedding day many things will be late (after all, everything you do in a wedding dress takes twice as long as normal!). Make sure to liaise with your photographer and DJ about timings for the first dance.


Father of the Bride Dance


For a long time this was considered ‘old-fashioned’, but the FOB dance is making a massive resurgence in recent years. So too, is the Groom and mother dance! Whilst not obligatory in any sense, it can make for wonderful imagery, and trust us –most parents will really love this idea! Seeing the look on the father of the bride’s face as he dances with his daughter has brought a tear to many a wedding reception we’ve covered!


My groom and I suck at dancing, do we have to??


No! It’s your special day together, and you should only do what you feel comfortable with! Having said that, when deciding upon this, consider these two things:

  • It’s really not as scary as you think! You’re not up there for the whole of the song, usually just the first verse and chorus (so already not that long!). Also, it’ll be brightly lit where the two of you are, and dark everywhere else – so you won’t feel as self-conscious as you think… Indeed you won’t see the crowds, just the face of the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with!
  • The first dance imagery is some of the most impactful imagery from your day, and if you are working with the right photographer (with the right lighting equipment) then this imagery will be an important part of the story of your day in your wedding album.


What kind of photos do I want for my wedding album?


If you have chosen a wedding photographer in Kent with great skill and many years experience (hint, hint!) then you’ll have a choice of style of first dance pictures from your day. Some photographers may not be able to recreate the grand dramatic imagery you are looking for, and if there is only shooter at your wedding, will they be able to capture multiple angles of you and your partner in that small window?

Whether its grand dramatic imagery, or close intimate portraits of the two of you together, speak with your wedding photographer about the kind of imagery you want to remember forever…


Do we have to dance to a love song?


The most important piece of advice we can give you here, is something we say about pretty much the whole of your wedding: Choose something that has meaning to you…” We’ve heard a wide variety of songs from Josh Groban to Gangnam style! Pick something important and meaningful to you, and chances are – it’s the perfect song!!


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