Welcome to 2021 | More Covid Wedding FAQs

Happy 2021! Don’t Let 2020 Win!


A very happy 2021 to all our clients, past, current, and future!  We hope you had wonderful holidays and some respite from the craziness of 2020! We’ve had many clients get in touch with questions about weddings in 2021 so we’re outlining all the most commonly asked questions with answers here for you all!


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We already have a COVID-19 Corona Virus Weddings FAQ here so please check out this information also!  



Payment Freeze Still Until April

We’ve had a couple of clients attempting to make payments despite our payments freeze so we’re reminding you once again that we are deferring all payments until April 2021. Please contact us before making any payment – even if it is a scheduled payment. We’re not accepting any payments at the moment due to changing banks so please do get in touch before making any payment!

Once again: We ask that you do not make ANY payments to us without speaking to us in advance – we cannot guarantee the bank details on the back of your contract will still be valid


2021 Weddings FAQ


If we move our date again is there still no extra cost – would we need to pay twice? What Are Your T&Cs?

We’re continuing our policy of allowing multiple reschedulings at no extra cost/fee due to the exceptional circumstances we all find ourselves in.  This is us ‘being the change we want to see in the world’ by treating our clients, colleagues, and competitors, the way we all need to act to get out of this crazy situation we have found ourselves in.

We are not charging clients to change dates, and are allowing this whereby a new date can be agreed with us.  Typically, most venues/church authorities /etc are offering 2-4 alternative dates at a later time for clients to check with their multiple suppliers, and holding these for up to 4 or 5 days.  Please do contact us with your alternative dates and we’ll let you know which ones we are available on.  Once you have confirmed with your suppliers and made the change of date of your event official, let us know ASAP so we can amend our records and save your new date for you! 


We’ve Changed Date Multiple Times – Is There A Limit?

No. We are not capping the number of times you can reschedule.  At the moment we want to help all our clients the best we can.  As and when weddings return to a sense of normality, we will be returning with fees and date-change caps, but we will be advertising this strongly with clear cut-off dates. Our hope is that by that time none of our clients will need to postpone!

In a nutshell, we are still not charging fees or even price differences for clients affected by this intolerable situation who wish to reschedule.  We just ask that you contact us and work with us in order to find a mutually suitable date for us, you, your venue, and all the other wonderful suppliers you will want at your wedding!


Can You Tell Us Your Availability?

If we handed out our available dates to all clients looking to reschedule, this would lead to the situation where multiple clients would see us being free on a certain date and rebooking to the same date without realising.  Essentially, handing out our diary dates/calendar availability will inevitibly lead to double-bookings and disappointed clients.  It is for this reason we suggest you check with your venue what dates are available at the times you wish to change to, and then confirm with all your suppliers before changing swiftly.  Please use this method rather than asking us for our availability, as this much safer for you and all your suppliers.


If We Change To A New Date Without Talking To You/Our Suppliers And You Aren’t Available On The New Date – Do We Get A Full Refund?

No. As you will have arbitrarily changed date without consulting us, we have no opportunity to offer you a change of date to the one you contracted us to perform services on.  We would confirm whether you still wanted wedding photographic services on the original contracted date, and if not, treat such an occurence appropriately as a cancellation.


We’d Like To Bend / Flex The Rules By Having Multiple Wedding Receptions On The Same Date – Possibly In Different Counties – Will You Be On Board With This?



We Ordered Our Album Shortly Before Christmas But Haven’t Heard Anything Since? Can We Have An Update?

We are currently dealing with both the pandemic and the fallout of Brexit, as our album supplier is based in Northern Italy. As we are now in different economic areas there have been some issues with tarriffs and deliveries as the new rules filter down.  We appreciate your patience and hope you understand that our delivery times will of course be affected by these exceptional circumstances.  We’ll be in touch as soon as we have any useful information or updates for you.


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