Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs 2019-20

Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs 2019-20

We just booked you – what do we do next?

Firstly – read this FAQ. – TICK Well done!

Secondly, do read over your contract and ensure it meets your requirements and needs.  As we will have explained to you there is a two week cooling-off period (by law) that we strongly suggest you take advantage of. Do make sure that what you have purchased is exactly what you want, meets your needs and expectations, and does not have anything hidden in the T&Cs.  After this two-week period there can be no change to the collection contents or items purchased, and no matter what the full contract amount is payable.

Thirdly, now’s the time to get serious and get insurance.  It really is a no-brainer, check out our blog post on why your wedding (and all weddings) definitely need wedding insurance:


Finally, if your collection includes a pre-wedding timeline meeting we suggest booking this in within the next couple of weeks.  There are so many things to organize and think about, and often our clients find this meeting the most valuable by far in all of their wedding planning.

The sooner the better, we can’t stress this enough.  The later you leave this meeting, the less useful it will be for you. BOOK IT TODAY!


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Should I message you just before our meeting (pre-wedding timeline meeting/engagement session/etc…) to check it is still on?

In a word: No.

We have 30-40+ clients a year so potentially 120+ meetings and receiving messages like this results in a lot of office time spent confirming meetings that have already been confirmed.

Once we have booked you in, we’ll tell you your meeting is in the diary, at this point you can relax that we’ll be there.

Of course, if you need to cancel for any reason, do let us know ASAP – (see below).

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How Is Best To Contact You?

We don’t like to lose contact with our wedding clients after booking and then only see them again on the wedding day – so we love when our clients get in touch with us.  Even if you have questions unrelated to photography/videography specifically, many clients realise we have a wealth of helpful information on a variety of wedding subjects and love to pick our brains.  We love that our clients trust us this much to advise them on all aspects of their wedding day.

When it comes to contacting us, we don’t have the ability to keep track of 60-70+ couples who have booked us over the next 2-3 years if they were to all contact us on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat, IM, SMS, iMessage, etc, etc, etc…

So please do e-mail us. E-mails are perfect because not only do they allow for clearer communication, but we can maintain and tracks emails from various clients in our database easily.  In an emergency please do call or text, but otherwise please do e-mail.

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How Quickly Should We Expect To Hear Back From You?

Do remember we maintain office hours on weekdays (approx. 9:30-5:30pm) with days off in lieu when working weekends.  Communication outside of these hours will be responded to at the earliest time in the next office working day.

We pride ourselves on responding within one working day in 98%+ of cases, but if you have not heard back from us in 4-5 working days, please do get in touch again in case your message was missed or got lost in a spam folder!

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What Happens If The Weather Is Really Bad On Our Engagement Session? (Postponing Engagement Sessions Due To Weather)

Unfortunately, it is entirely possible that the weather can put a dampener on your engagement session.  Whilst we make every effort to go ahead with your engagement pre-wedding photo shoot, we may deem the weather entirely unsuitable and postpone your engagement session.  Whilst this is always a final option, nonetheless to protect our equipment and/or for quality of imagery reasons, we reserve the right to postpone an agreed date for engagement pre-wedding photos.


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Can We Book Our Meetings / Engagement Session With You On Weekends?

As will hopefully have been explained to you at the point of booking, our weekend availability is extremely tight.  Between weddings and weddings fairs/shows over 75% of our weekend availability each year is gone before the year even starts – and we reserve the other 25% for potential wedding bookings.

So just as you would not expect to see another working professional like your doctor, dentist, optician, school teacher, solicitor or lawyer on a weekend in anything other than special circumstances – we hope you understand that as a busy wedding business we need to keep to a weekday schedule for meetings even more than others.

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Can We Book Our Timeline Meeting On The Same Day As Our Engagement Session?

We book one meeting per day, and these are two very distinctly different types of meeting.  With one we are going outside to make lots of photos, and with the other we will be sitting inside talking at length about your wedding plans. Also, these meetings usually take more than half a day each which would lead to an extremely long day for you. Furthermore, we usually bring lighting assistants to engagement sessions who have to be paid, and as such by extending the time they need to be there would result in additional cost to you.

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How Far Ahead Can I Book Our Engagement Session Or Pre-Wedding Timeline Meeting?

We’ve recently changed our policy regarding booking non-wedding date meetings, based on lots of client feedback.  We’re always asking our clients what we can do better to make their wedding planning and wedding day more perfect, and from what we’ve heard we’ve changed our policy to only allowing new non-wedding day bookings up to 2 months away.

This will allow for greater flexibility and options for clients when booking (especially new clients who may find all the best dates have been booked up before they even met us!) as well as a fairer way for all our clients with different work restrictions/situations to book a date that suits them.  We’ve also found this leads to far fewer cancellations and therefore ultimately a lot more availability for all our clients!

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When Is The Best Time To Book Our Pre-Wedding Meeting or Engagement Session?

Pre-Wedding Timeline Meeting – ASAP! We suggest looking at your calendar now/today, and getting in touch!

Your Engagement Session – This is a bit trickier, as obviously the weather and timing of your wedding date can massively impact when is the best time for your engagement photography. We’ll hopefully have given you a rough timeframe we suggest you consider at the point of booking, but as a rule of thumb if you count back 3-6 months before your wedding date and then find the closest good season, this is probably the best time.

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Should We Wait To Hear From You To Organise or Book Anything?

No! Based on feedback from clients we very much do not contact our clients to chase them up or remind them to book things in anything but the most extreme of circumstances. With so many wedding meetings and things to consider we’re sure the last thing you need whilst planning your wedding is us badgering you! So we try our best not to!

This does mean that if you leave it very late before your wedding (3 months or less, for example) to book a pre-wedding meeting or engagement session, we may simply not have the availability to make these meetings with you (especially in peak wedding season).  Considering we suggest having your pre-wedding timeline meeting within a month of booking us, and your engagement session no less than 3-6 months before your wedding date, we are unable to offer any form of refund or compensation in this circumstance.


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We Booked Wedding Videography With You – Is Anything Different To How You Deal With Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Clients?

Absolutely not. All the FAQ above apply, and we treat our videography and photography clients with the same ‘above and beyond’ service that we are renowned for in Kent, London, and the South-East…. Indeed we pride ourselves that our level of service for our wedding clients, photography or videography, is second to none.

Where you have booked videography with your photography, you can expect a seamless synergetic experience from booking through your wedding day to delivery of photos and video.  This means you only need one pre-wedding meeting for the two services (where applicable), and one point of contact for questions and information.

Where you have booked wedding day videography with us, you can expect a level of service superior to any other wedding videographers in London or Kent.


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We Have More Questions Not Listed Here…

Please do get in touch ASAP! We’re happy to help!

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