Whether you’re looking to go kick-start your career as a Wedding Photographer or you’re already full-time professional looking to fill some free weekends, we’d love to discuss the possibility of you joining our team as a lead, second, or third photographer.

We select our photographers carefully for their combination of personality, talent, creativity, and ambition.  We invest significant time and resources into training and developing our photography team and as such we receive many more applications than there are positions available, meaning we must be highly selective in whom we entrust such important roles...

Note: We only check our list of applications when we have a need. However, feel free to express your interest below; and we will contact you if and when you are needed.


There are four important factors which we consider in recruiting onto our team...

Personality – Fun, personable and client driven - whilst professional, goal orientated, and keenly invested in the final result.  It's a hard balance to find, but we're looking for individuals who are serious about creating fantastic imagery for our clients, but who can also deliver a fun and personable client experience at the same time. Wedding days are long and stressful for photographers, so a smiling 'can do' attitude even at the end of the night is imperative.

Professionalism & Drive  – Building upon the above, we require that all members of our team exhibit an almost fanatical approach to constantly meeting and exceeding expectations.  Furthermore we seek creatives who believe in our same values.

Creativity & Skill – We are interested in adding photographers to our team who possess a high level of creativity and technical skill.  Whilst of course these skills are always developing and improving over time, we do expect a strong foundation upon which we can work with.

Professional Equipment & Training – Whilst it is of course the fact that a true photographer's skill is a factor beyond the level of equipment they use - nonetheless we do expect our professionals to own a set of professional camera bodies, quality lenses, OCF and lighting accessories in order to deliver the high quality imagery we deliver consistently for our clients.  Furthermore they must posses the knowledge and ability to use this equipment in all situations, trouble shooting where necessary.  If you only have access to entry-level equipment and basic lenses, or you own the professional equipment but are not completely au fait with how to use them, you may still be qualify for the internship program.

How To Get Started

Please complete and submit the form below. If you are successful we will be in touch with the next steps...

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