Wedding FAQs 2022 | Planning a Wedding

Wedding FAQs 2022 – Planning to Get Married?


As 2022 begins it’s important that your wedding planning is the absolute best it can be! As such we’ve attached a bunch of wedding tips & tricks based on the kinds of conversations we are having with newly engaged couples this year…


Common Mistakes We Are Seeing Newly Engaged Couples Make in 2022


The ‘New Normal’ seems to be booking cheap and booking late – and what’s worse is that couples are thinking this is the best way! See below for a detailed description of why you are shooting yourself in the foot if you do these things!


2022 Weddings FAQ

Our Wedding is Late 2022 or 2023 So We Have Plenty of Time Right?

No. As of time of writing (January 2022) we’re seeing a sharp increase in enquiries for weddings less than 12-18 months out, from couples who think that this is really far away.  I’m afraid to tell you that in wedding terms 2023 is tomorrow, and 2022 is tonight! Perhaps you’ve been engaged all the way through lockdown and are keen to get the ceremony sorted soon, or maybe you just think that 12 months is plenty of time to plan, book, and pay for a wedding…


We’re essentially fully booked in 2022 and 80% capacity in 2023!  This isn’t just due to all the recsheduled weddings from Covid (although that certainly makes things worse), in normal times these are the sorts of figures we expect to see.  All the best venues and suppliers are usually booked up 18+ months ahead, with popular dates being 2-3 years+!!

Some suppliers like Wedding Dress Shops and stationary companies will tell you that you have lots of time yet, but as you will have seen when enquiring about dates at popular venues, 2-3 years is not a long time at all…. These kinds of suppliers (cake makers, wedding sign shops, etc…) can still service you closer to the time as they can service multiple weddings.  But toastmasters, venues, photographers, videographers, photo booths, etc… = they can usually only do one wedding per date, and once that date is gone its gone!

For sure, you will find many new or not-so-successful suppliers with plenty of availability, but as you will see below, the reason for that can’t be a good one.  

Are You Saying If We Haven’t Booked Everyone For our 2022/23 Wedding We’re in Trouble!??


No not at all! Just this week we booked a 2022 wedding on a prime July weekend date – however in the last month we have turned down 5 times as many couples for 2022 dates where we just have no availability at all. What we’re saying is that if you have a 2023/24 date and think you have all the time in the world and to wait before booking – YOU’RE MAKING A MISTAKE!


Should We Book Our Wedding As ‘Late’ As Possible To Avoid Covid?

No. At the moment there is no way to know what will happen!  We’ve had lots of enquiries for 2025/26 for this reason, and unlike others who aren’t 100% sure they will be trading at this time we are taking bookings for this time.  But just as 12-18 months is too short a time to book a wedding, 48+ months could be considered a bit excessive…


I Don’t Want to Spend Too Much on an Event That Might Get Cancelled?

This is a non-issue if you have wedding insurance. Get wedding insurance.  Do it now.  Open a new tab and buy it.  I’ll wait…

Why Wedding Insurance Is a No-Brainer


Suppliers Are Desparate Right Now – So a Great Time to Get a Deal?

Firstly – If you think about that then you are literally capitalising on the misfortune of others.  Most wedding suppliers are small businesses and sole traders, and unlike getting a deal at Volvo or Sainsburys where it is mega-rich shareholders who lose out –  every pound you save is money taken away from the family and children of the person stood in front of you. Shame on you!

Secondly – as alluded to above, the good wedding suppliers who have managed to survive through covid now have super full diaries with postponed wedding and the pre-covid bookings.  This leaves little availability for new clients and therefore little possibility for new money coming in. We’ve seen many suppliers rush to fill their remaining diary dates with whatever bookings they can at big discounts, only to find they are simply losing too much money and either quit the industry or even worse: just stop caring.

This means that the ones with the massive availbility and the willingness to give discounts are very often newbies and those who were not very busy pre-covid. They are already cheap and offering huge discounts because they are keen to break into the market and get exposure/portfolio – blissfully unaware this never works and actually harms the very industry they hope to become established in.  The old saying goes: “you get what you pay for” and when a supplier is already cheap and then offering big discounts, savvy brides and grooms know to avoid!

We’re not saying ‘any deal is a bad thing’, we often run show special offers for example.  But when a supplier is already cheap and offering big discounts, this should sound alarm bells!  In these difficult times when companies are failing and quitting weddings by the dozen, best to stick with a safe pair of hands!

It’s not a deal if you got them cheap and then the business goes under with no refunds before the wedding day…


But XYZ Photographer and/or Venue Told Me They Have Plenty of Availability and They Are Cheap with Big Discount Sale Offers On?!?

As above, this should ring alarm bells left right and centre.  The last answer goes into detail but in a nutshellif they weren’t busy before covid and still aren’t now, despite being cheap, then why exactly is that? If they are good, and cheap, why do they have so many dates free?? Why hasn’t everyone booked them up already?!


We Want The Best But We Have A Budget That We Are Sticking To…

We have an entire blog post on why the budgets that brides and grooms set for their wedding fall apart pretty quickly, see below for why…

CLICK HERE to see the best ways to set a REALISTIC Wedding Budget

Now more than ever it is important to set a realistic budget and put your money where it will be safest and best utilised…

How Can We Be Sure The Suppliers We Book Will Still Be Trading By The Time Our Wedding Comes Around…?

There are no guarantees in life, but the safest bet is to put your trust in the long term established wedding suppliers.  If they have been going this long and then survived the Covid pandemic with ZERO assistance from the government for over two years, then that’s a good indicator they know what they are doing.  The industry is currently swamped with lots of new suppliers trying their hand at weddings for the first time, but then you are dealing with inexperienced and naive suppliers who may struggle in the choppy waters we are still navigating.

Mykey Day Photography, for example, started and flourished during the last major recession – and has emerged the other side of the pandemic as strong as ever.  You’re in safe hands with us…


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