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Are bridal fairs a good idea or a waste of money?  Should I book everything at one fair or look around? How do I get the most out of a wedding fair? Is it spelt fair, fare or fayre?!?! Kent & Surrey Wedding Photographer Mykey Day explains the benefits of a Sunday stroll through your local wedding fair…

Kent Wedding Fairs

Whether you’re looking for wedding photographers in Kent or wedding cars in London, looking for a cheap wedding package or the finest you can find at any price, wedding fairs are easily the best way to source wedding vendors who will help your vision of your dream day become reality!

Wedding fairs offer a massive advantage over other ways of finding the perfect suppliers for your wedding day. Your other sources are: Word of mouth, google (of course), venue recommendations, etc… But there’s one failing all of these share:


You don’t get to meet and talk to them in person immediately.

Picture the scenario: after you’ve done lots of research online, or taken the recommended list away from your venue and studied it closely, what do you do next? You have to arrange in-person meetings and visits (maybe at your home, maybe at their place of business) with many suppliers from across the city…

Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet a large range of suppliers, in-person, in just one location with time to speak with each of them in one morning/afternoon?? Well, that’s the beauty of a wedding fair….

There’s lots of things you can find out from vendors at wedding fairs with no obligation to buy immediately. Furthermore, they will have answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet, such as: “will I need a wedding DJ if I’ve already decided on a band at my reception?”; “Do I need my wedding photographer from ‘bridal prep to first dance’ or for the whole day to cover groom prep and the reception at the end?”; “Does the venue supply the dance-floor, and if not – who does?!?”

There will be a whole range of suppliers in multiple fields, and you may find solutions to problems you didn’t even know existed!

One big reason to go to a wedding fair is that you get to touch and see in person the products you are looking for! Looking at pictures on google searches is ok, but when it comes to beautiful wedding albums, the perfect bouquet, or a wedding cake to die for… Then really there is no substitute…



Which wedding fairs should I go to?


A good wedding fair will be well advertised and well attended. It will also have a wide diversity of businesses, all relating directly to the many varied aspects of a wedding. Check with local listings and ask your friends which fairs they have been to, the best ones have been around a long time and are well advertised and established.

They will often contain a wide variety of wedding vendors, such as photographers in Surrey as well as flower shops in Kent, to wedding stationary online…

Often they will be of a certain price range, with most vendors in the same ball-park price wise. However, some more regional shows will have a wide variety of price-points catering to a larger geographical area.

It’s best to get there early, whilst the suppliers are all fresh and keen to talk to you. If you arrive at the end, they may have been talking for 6 hours straight, and you might not get a chance to speak at all if they are packing up! If you arrive early and it’s busy, grab a coffee, take your time, and do a once-round of the venue. Find the most interesting stalls and come back to them when the crowds die down. Also don’t be afraid to eavesdrop if they are talking to other brides such as yourself, they may answer the question you were about to ask!

Tips & tricks on what to look for


  • If you’re looking for wedding car hire, be mindful that if you go to a fair on the other side of the county – they may not cover the area in which your venue is located (these old cars are gas-guzzlers…). Enquire with every company you meet, but plan on visiting a fair close to your venue when looking for wedding cars.

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  • DON’T JUST ASK FOR PRICES – we can’t stress this tip enough. As we mentioned in a previous article: cheap can often cost you a lot more! More than this, however, you may have a budget in mind but believe us when we say it’s rare that what you have budgeted and the cost of your perfect wedding vendor rarely match up precisely. Definitely take a price-list away, but get to know the person behind the company first.
    • Can you trust them?
    • Are they professional?
    • Are they passionate about what they do?
    • Are you a good fit?
    • Do you love their products?
    • Will they make your day more special, or remembered more perfectly?

These are the questions you should ask first, and then price. Trust us…

  • You’ll often find long-established wedding vendors, and also brand new start-ups. There’s nothing wrong with either, but maybe you’re looking for a wedding photographer in London who’s young, stylish and creative, or perhaps you prefer a wedding videographer from the country who hasn’t changed their style in a long time so you’re sure of what you’re getting. Whatever your preference, ask them how long they have been in business in the field they are in.

(Tip: With most wedding vendors such as wedding photography or videography, if you ask them how many weddings they have shot and they can actually remember the precise number off the top of their head – that’s probably too few! Haha)

  • Check out the fliers and brochures they hand to you when you get home, and make notes on them immediately. Most wedding fairs are on a Sunday and often couples wait until one evening in the week, or perhaps the next weekend, to properly look through – and by this point you may have forgotten who you spoke with and which flier goes with whom!


We look forward to seeing you at our next show! (Pssst, if you can’t wait until then, contact us to book a consult!)

[Pictures courtesy of The Wedding Experience www.wedding-experience.co.uk from the Detling Grounds Wedding Experience show]

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