Waseem & Alafiya Night Time Pre-Wedding Photos London Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral

Couple’s sessions and pre-wedding engagement photos are always a lot of fun for us.  It’s like the best part of a wedding day condensed into a no-pressure 2-3 hours.   Waseem & Alafiya contacted me ahead of their big wedding in India, keen to get some photos in England for their wedding website and invitations. Like all international tourist destinations, we were spoilt for choice with so many possible beautiful locations, such as Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral in London city centre, Millennium Bridge, Westminster Bridge, the list goes on….

Indian weddings are a lot of fun, and a particular challenge (especially on the timings) so we always recommend a pre-wedding photo session to get some lovely pictures before the big day – and also to maximise imagery during the wedding day itself, by learning simple tips and a tricks for looking great! Please see below a selection of photos from their pre-wedding photography session. Enjoy!

Pre-Wedding Photo Session for Indian Weddings

Waseem & Alafiya have a beautiful Indian Wedding planned, and we all know well that Indian weddings are amazing but also crazy for time-keeping!  As such it’s vital for a pre-wedding photo session to learn some simple posing and what to expect, so that we can hit the ground running on the wedding day.  We always recommend a photo session before the big day as it easily triples the quality of the wedding imagery achievable on the wedding day itself.  Waseem and Alafiya have had professional photos before, but were still a bit unsure what to expect, but having looked through our pages on what to wear, what to expect, and brilliant places in London to shoot, and with a lot of pre-communication before hand, we were headed for a wonderful night shooting together

As mentioned before, we usually start wedding shoots early in the morning!  However, in London – even in the morning there are always crowds – so we opted for a night time shoot!  This is perfect in London, as the crowds are fewer, and the beautiful bright lights of London city make for a beautiful back drop to this beautiful couple.

Where to take engagement photos in London?

In London there are plenty of beautiful night time photo opportunities in a short distance from each other, and with a bit of pre-planning we have a few routes for our clients to choose from. We always ask our clients if they have any preferences for landmarks, but often they trust us and let us choose the way.  This is what happened with Waseem & Alafiya and we knew they would not be disappointed with pictures at Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, with the option to go on to Westminster Bridge if time allowed!

Tower Bridge

Our engagement photo shoot in London began around 8pm at Tower Bridge, an iconic London landmark.  Despite a bit of cloud, it was perfect temperature and conditions for pre-wedding photos!  Waseem & Alafiya weren’t quite sure what to expect but they got straight into the swing of things with these fun intimate pictures mixed in with a few dramatic ‘wow’ photos for putting on canvas in their home!

Millennium Bridge London

We walked along the south bank to Millennium Bridge, with a few picture stops along the way.  We always explain to our couples that their 2-3 hour engagement session is always mostly walking between locations – especially in such a wonderful city as London.  Sometimes we take taxis to maximise our photo time, but in this case it was not necessary and we had a lot of fun chatting and joking along the way…


St. Paul’s Cathedral London

We arrive to the beautiful St. Paul’s for the final set of photos. By now Waseem & Alafiya were export models and the pictures here were quick and easy to do!  Another reason we always suggest an engagement session, as having gone through the process it makes pictures on their wedding days much better and faster. In fact many of our clients love it for the peace of mind that they know what to expect on their wedding day, and actually look forward to it!

After the session we hopped along to Westminster Bridge, where we had a quick bite to eat and then headed our separate ways for the night. Waseem & Alafiya went on to a friend’s house for a party whilst we returned home, excited to start editing our London night time engagement photos!

“Thanks Mykey, the pictures are amazing!! SO many people have said the pictures are spectacular! Thank you again…We love it!!” Wasseem & Alafiya


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