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Amazing wedding photography doesn’t just happen. There… We said it….  Whilst we would love to be able to just rock up to a wedding with little or no planning and create amazing wedding photography you will enjoy looking back upon for the rest of your lives, unfortunately in the real world that just doesn’t happen.  That’s why we have included in almost all our collections a ‘timeline consultation and venue walk around’. The aim for this meeting is to maximise your wedding imagery on your wedding day with the least fuss possible.  Trust us, these meetings can be the difference between mediocre wedding photos – and stunning wedding photography!

Wedding Photographer Timeline Consultations and Venue Walk-Arounds

We find this meeting to be crucial in consistently delivering amazing imagery to our clients, wedding after wedding, year after year.  Not many photographers in the UK offer this service, so sadly not everyone is aware of them or their benefits – which is why we have made this article explaining what it is, why we do it, and how important it is…

What Is This Meeting?

The timeline consultation and venue walk-around is a 2-3 hour meeting where we like to visit the venue with you and decide what kind of imagery you want, the timings of the day, and also give the best chance possible for amazing creative photos and emotional candid weddings photos. We stress that whilst we love to give ideas and opinions, this meeting isn’t about us telling you what to do, more about us learning what will happen on your big day so we can capture it for you perfectly.

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When Should We Have Our Meeting?

The ‘ideal time’ is ASAP really, but definitely no later than approximately 6 months before your ceremony. Any later than this and it may be too late to change anything you don’t like or incorporate our ideas that you love into your wedding planning.

What Should I Bring To The Timeline Consultation?

Any and all information relating to your wedding day, it’s surprising the information a photographer needs to adequately cover your day. Typically we ask that you bring:

  • Any timeline / timings already set by your wedding venue or church.
  • Details of any / all other wedding suppliers who you will be hiring.
  • Any ideas / desires you have for your wedding day so we can discuss them fully to ensure we capture them for you!


What Will This Meeting Involve?

Typically we go to your venue and have a look around, and you can show us why you fell in love with the place. Even if we’ve shot that venue a million times before, we want to see it through ‘your eyes’… Also by having a good walk around, we can gauge what sort of time will be needed for your creative shots (walking between locations is the biggest time killer), and we can look at the lighting and suggest lighting options for you for the evening reception.

Then we sit down over a coffee and draft a provisional timeline of events on the day, so you can let us know what is happening – where and when – and that way we can maximise your photography on your wedding day, and also see off any potential clashes or problems before the day itself.

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Should I Schedule It At The Same Time I Am Arranging Other Things At The Venue?

No!  Often we have clients who understandably want to save on trips to the venue, however if you end up talking with your wedding co-ordinator about other things instead of working with us – then you have wasted your money for us to be there and aren’t giving your wedding photos their best chance!  At the very least, we suggest you schedule a separate meeting later that afternoon or in the morning before our venue-walk-around.

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Do You Need To See The Church Too?

Yes! And ideally we will meet your church minister or ceremony leader also.  This is crucial as often we get last minute (unreasonable) restrictions placed on us on the wedding day.  “No Flash” is usually not an issue, but in the past we have arrived to be told we aren’t allowed to take photos anywhere except in the rafters (no joke).  By meeting with your minister beforehand we can check on any restrictions, and also suggest alternatives and work arounds should they have any massive restrictions in place.

Do All Photographers Do This?

Sadly, very many don’t.  Sometimes this is because they aren’t full-time professionals and they just don’t have the time to meet with you, other times they are full-time professionals but they don’t offer this important service…

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