Top Ten People NOT to invite to your Wedding!

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Working on the guest list for your wedding? Too many people to invite your gorgeous Kentish wedding? We’ve got a few (tongue-in-cheek) suggestions for people you can leave off your list! Let’s not forget a wedding is very expensive, and every wedding guest is another expensive mouth to feed – so let’s see if we can decide who you can safely leave OFF your wedding guest list 😉

Top Ten People NOT to invite to your Wedding!

Oh and please remember, this is all just for fun!

The friend you don’t really like.

Yes, okay, you’ve been friends since foreeeever, but you know what? You haven’t seen them in over a year, and did they even know you were getting married before the Facebook post?! Was their reaction “OH MY GOD – who is this man stealing you from me?!?!” – Well, if they don’t even know who he is, maybe this is a safe one to cross off the list…

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Your best mate’s screaming ADHD children

Already got a lot of kids coming? Probably not an easy one to dis-invite these ‘darlings’… But if not, why not restrict your invites to ‘adults only’. Maybe she wants to bring them still, so tell her she gets the night off to really enjoy herself at your wedding reception.

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Your ex-boyfriend

You know what, you’d think we wouldn’t have to mention this one, but it happens. A LOT. Maybe you’re still in touch, and BFFs now, but is your fiancée comfortable with it? Are you sure?? And if you’re not in touch regularly – this is a no-brainer…

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Your Parents’ Friends

Much like our conversations and advice over who gets the parents copies of your main album – sometimes the answer to this one can be determined by whether or not they are helping to foot the bill of your big wedding. But, even if they are helping to pay, it’s still worth explaining that your wedding is your big day for you and your intimate friends.

Work Colleagues

If you don’t see them much outside of work… Boom! That’s an easy saving…

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Mr. “Life of the Party”

Who doesn’t have a friend who is always the ‘life of the party’? Which is a nice way of saying: ‘that guy/gal who is fun when sober but tricky when they’ve had a few wedding cocktails’… If they’re going to treat your wedding reception as another excuse to ‘have it large’ – maybe seriously consider if they’re going to make the cut….

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People who’s wedding you were invited to

Worst-case scenario: an old school friend drops an invite out of nowhere to their wedding whilst you are in the middle of organising your wedding. Well, the answer to this one is usually whether you are able to attend their wedding – after all, it would be rude to go to their wedding and not invite them to yours…

Cousin Frank in Germany

Weddings are a time for family, that’s for sure, or is it? The tradition of inviting your whole family harks back to a time when families were not separated geographically as much as they are today. Facebook and the internet means we are in touch with family abroad in a way we never used to be, but if you haven’t seen your cousins in a very long time and they live far away – they may be as thankful for you not inviting them to make the long trip to an awkward reunion as you are not having to invite people you barely know.

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Facebook congratulators

We see it all the time, you post your engagement on Facebook and…. 300 people just congratulated you! Well done on them for suddenly appearing from the shadows after 5 years of no-contact to congratulate you on your big day. But, DO NOT feel obligated to invite them to your wedding – they probably won’t expect an invite anyway.

The feuding friends

This one is triiiiiiiiicky…… You’re still friends with both of them, however now you have to invite them separately, and we all know there’s going to be ‘that atmosphere of tension’ when they are in the room. Well, maybe you do still need to invite them both, but here’s one thing to consider – who will they bring as their ‘plus ones’?? Are they going to invite someone just to annoy the other!? Best talk to them on the sly before confirming anything with them.

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