Timeline of Working With Your Kent Wedding Photographer

Timeline of Working With Your Kent Wedding Photographer

So you’ve just booked your dream wedding photographer, whether it’s in Kent, London, or Rome or Malta, the question is: what’s next?  

We find that couples looking for the best wedding photographers, book their wedding photography right after they book the venue, but then how much should you see of them after that? In this article we explain more about when (and how) your perfect wedding photographer should be working with you to create the perfect wedding day photos….

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1-3 Years Before W-Day – Booking Your Kent Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers are everywhere, we all know this.  But, the very good ones are few and far-between I’m afraid.  And as they can only shoot one wedding on any given date, once you find a wedding photographer you likedon’t delay and book them that day!  It’s 2017 as we write this, and we already have a couple of bookings for 2020 and even one for 2021.  Our 2017 calendar is full, and we’re regularly having to tell couples we’re booked on their date in August 2018…

So whilst there’s no hard and fast rule as to ‘when to book your wedding photographer’ as that will depend entirely on the date you choose (and how far away it is – see our last minute wedding advice for short notice weddings), it’s safe to say that the more established and popular wedding photographers are heavily booked 1-3 years in advance.

If you followed our 11 tips for perfect wedding photos you’ll know research is key but that when you find an artist whose work you love – you won’t need to look any further.

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Immediately After Booking Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers have a unique insight into the wedding industry, we tend to deal with clients from almost the very beginning of their wedding planning, all the way through past the wedding day itself. This means we have a lot of insight into the weddings and the wedding industry.  For this reason you should get your money’s worth out of us, and source us for as much information as you can. Examples of how we can help you:

  • We can recommend wedding suppliers we know and trust.  Fair, free, and impartial recommendations are the best way to learn about great wedding suppliers for your wedding.
  • Check out their blog / news / advice section on their website and hopefully, like ours, it’s full of useful first-hand information on planning a wedding.
  • Noe you’ve spent lots of money on your beautiful wedding venue and your fantastic wedding photographer, please, please, please consider getting wedding insurance It doesn’t cost much, and trust us – if you need it for any reason, you’ll thank us…
  • ASAP – Book In Your Pre-Wedding Timeline Consultation

We find it insane that some photographers don’t even meet their couples until the day of the wedding.  We tend to meet our clients several times before the big day (almost always becoming good friends by this point), and one important crucial time to meet is the Timeline Consultation and Venue-Walk-Around.  The ideal time is sooner the better! However as an absolute minimum we suggest meeting 6 months before the wedding date as after this there is very little advice we can give for you to put into place!

CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY getting wedding insurance is a ‘must’.

4-12 Months Before W-Day – Your Engagement Session

There’s no ‘best time’ to do this, but do consider the following: If you are having an engagement guest book you’ll need to have your session at least 3-6 months before your big day to have the pics ready and printed in your book.  So if you’re marrying in the summer, this means you’ll be wanting to shoot by Spring at the latest – and there is always a rush at this time of year for engagement sessions.  Don’t miss out on your engagement book and make sure to book early and do your session as early as possible.

CLICK HERE TO SEE the benefits an engagement session has on both the quality of your wedding imagery – and your peace of mind leading up to the day…

However if you are marrying in the summer, why not have your pictures the previous summer? This can lead to amazing sunny imagery with no rush to get the pics done in time for your big day…

Also – why not have your engagement session abroad?

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1 Week Before W-Day – Timeline Confirmation and Check-In

Even if it’s just a phone call or e-mail, we always like to check-in with our clients one week before the big day, so as to confirm the timeline and also see how everything has come together. It’s always an exciting time for us, and trust me when I say, the anticipation is as high for us as it is with you!

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2-6 Weeks Post-Wedding – Enjoy Your Images and Start Album Design

Unlike some horror stories you may have heard of couples waiting many months, even years, to finally get their wedding photos delivered – a professional wedding photographer will have a good turn around time of images for you.  Whilst at busy times of the year (August, Christmas/New Year) it may take a little longer, we find anything over 6-8 weeks completely unacceptable.  We actually aim to deliver all our weddings in under three weeks, sometimes even getting fully edited (and carefully loved) images to our clients in as little as two weeks.

Click here for more specific tips on what to do with your wedding images once you’ve received them!

We’ll also whet your appetite with sneak-peaks on Facebook and Instagram, so don’t forget to follow us!!!

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1-3 Months Post-Wedding – Confirm Your Album Design

Included with your returned images will be a PDF file of your album design, we always give our Artist’s Choice as we find this massively speeds up the process of album design. We found in the past it could take months and even years for couples to choose their favourite images, whereas with the Artist’s Choice we find over 95% of clients only require minor changes – speeding the process up massively.

Question:  “Do you come to meet us to design the album?”

Answer: We used to do this but found clients needed time to be 100% happy with their album design, and we’re unable to make multiple visits  – so we have found it works best to send you album designs and revisions via e-mail.  This way you can think over exactly what you want and make sure it’s right, taking all the time you need to be sure!


4-6 Weeks After Completing Album Design – Enjoy Your Album!!!

Our Albums are hand-crafted in Italy – and quality can’t be rushed! So once your album has been submitted, it can take 6-8 weeks (sometimes a lot sooner) to be delivered to our where they’ll have their final inspection before we arrange to get them to you.  Where possible, we try our best to hand deliver our albums to you in person!

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Years Down The Line…

We massively enjoy working with our clients, and very often become friends. As such, we don’t want this to be the end! We want to hear from you in the future! Whether it’s funny stories about your wedding day, quirky ways you have used your images, and compliments you’ve had on your album, we want to hear about it – so please do stay in touch! 

Finally, whilst we specialise in weddings mainly, we are often asked to do family shoots, baby bumps, and other special occasions, and we’re always more than happy to see our old clients again!

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London & Kent Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

Your Wedding Day will never be as important to anyone else as it is to you, but trust us when we say – your wedding will be crucially important to us as well! Please browse our website for examples of our work, and we look forward to making your wedding photographs special too.

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