Destination weddings are fantastic ways to celebrate your love and have a super awesome party abroad; but spare a thought for your wedding guests.  We’ve joked in the past that a destination wedding is a great way to keep the guest list down to those who really matter – but that means that those who do put their hands in their pocket to come most likely mean a lot to you and it’s on you to make their trip as painless and worthwhile as possible. So when planning your dream wedding do keep your guests more in mind than you would for a typical wedding in the UK.  Here we present a few ways for your to take extra care for guests attending your destination wedding, helping them reduce costs, inconvenience, and overall pains of attending a wedding abroad.

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We’ve attended many destination weddings across Europe and beyond, both as the official wedding photographer and also as wedding guests, and so we’ve come up with a few key points for you to consider when taking extra good care of your friends and family who are travelling far to your wedding abroad to celebrate your love…

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Make Sure There Are Plenty Of Accommodation Options

If your destination wedding is taking place in a tourist hot spot then you may be competing with the typical tourist season to find illusive hotel spaces for you, your family, and your wedding guests.  If your venue has accommodation, see if accommodation can be reserved for your guests and if there are anty deals on price to be had.  Furthermore, consider the time of year when picking your date – as May half-term can lead to super expensive prices at the best of times, moreso when an extra 50-150 wedding guests are dropped into the equation.

If your wedding venue is taking place away from typical tourist hotspots, then hotel space may be at a premium due to lack of accommodation available in the first place.  Make sure to secure a list of hotels that are within easy reach of your wedding venue and pass this to your guests – and then consider arranging their transport for them (see ‘travel once they have arrived’ below).

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Flight Options For Your Wedding Guests

Your beautiful chosen French chateau, exotic Greek island, or hidden-gem of a Tuscan villa may be stunning, but they may also be incredibly expensive to fly to.  There’s not too much you can do about flight prices, but there are a couple of things you can do to mitigate the potential costs involved.  First of all, check that there aren’t other airports that also serve the same area but with budget airlines.  For example, it can be incredibly cheaper to fly into Crete and take the catamaran to Santorini, rather than fly direct which can cost easily 5-6 times the cost of the flight to Heraklion with taxi and catamaran combined!

Also, try to release the date as early as possible.  Flight prices typically only go up as time goes on and seats are filled – so the earlier you can have your guests nab their seats, the cheaper it will be for all of them.

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Arrange Travel For Your Guests Once They Have Arrived

Whether it’s travel from the airport to their hotels, or travel from their hotels to your wedding venue, you may have a lot of guests spending a lot of money of ad hoc taxis and transport.  Such travel can also be incredibly daunting to some guests who may not be used to travelling abroad or arranging things in another language.

Consider making a deal with a local taxi / transport company to supply travel for all of your guests’ needs throughout their stay.  Whether it’s simply procuring the name of a taxi company who you know have good English skills and may give slightly reduced rates to anyone mentioning they are part of your wedding; or going the full distance and hiring a minivan or two to be oncall for all your and your guests needs whilst they are there.

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Other Activities

At a UK wedding you really wouldn’t begin to concern yourself with what your guests are up to the day before or after your wedding day.  But at a destination wedding this is something you may want to address.  Whether it’s researching a list of recommended bars and restaurants for their convenience, or discovering a whole host of holiday type activities they an choose from, all it takes is a request to your wedding venue and the local tourist board for you to save your guests a lot of time between them – as well as a lot of boredom!

In the past when we have worked at destination weddings there have been scuba diving, jet skiing, jet-boarding, and aquarium excursions planned by the couple for wedding guests and suppliers.

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Plan Another Event For Your Wedding Guests – A Second More Casual Affair

Related to the last point, why not go that extra mile for your guests and arrange a second more casual event to invite all your guests to.  This can be as much for your benefit as for your guests, as often weddings are such scripted and contrived affairs where you may not get time to speak with all your guests.  This gives you the opportunity to ‘mop up’ as it were, and ensure you’ve adequately seen and spoken to all the wedding guests you have invited a long way.  Moreover, it’s an opportunity for all your wedding guests to see each other at a less formal and more relaxed event.

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