Sunny Engagement Photos | Holly & Luke

Sunny Engagement Photos With Holly & Luke

Holly & Luke were looking for a fun engagement session in the sun to create some fantastic engagement photos ahead of their big wedding at Cooling Castle, and with the sun in top gear, it was all systems go for this beautiful young couple!

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It’s not long now until Holly & Luke’s big wedding at Cooling Castle Barn in Kent, and initially they hadn’t planned on booking an engagement session.  Like most couples. they assumed it was just a self-indulgent narcisitic exercise that wasn’t for them.  But once we explained the three major reasons you need an engagement session before your wedding they were game to try!  This is all we ask, as we know that less than 30 minutes into the session all our couples lose their nerves and realise it’s a brilliant idea to get some practice in before the big wedding day!  Furthermore, as well as a fun day out that will make for better wedding day pictures, you get the added bonus of some fantastic images of yourselves for that wall-art or engagement book your kids will look back on in decades to come!

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Holly & Luke were initially keen on a few local hotspots, and it took a while before we could decide upon the best location for this good looking young soon-to-be married couple, but once we found the perfect spot it was downhill from there!  Starting early was important, as the UK was in the middle of a heat wave, and we wanted to take advantage of the cool air as well as get some fantastic engagement photos in before the day-trippers spoilt the party!
We love, love, love when clients have ideas or something that means something personal to them to bring to the session; Holly & Luke had brought a picnic basket with champagne for photos by the lake, and it was certainly fun taking pics whilst they imbibed next to the mother duck with ducklings who came up to see if there would be any champagne left over for them!  Beyond that, they brought open minds and an adventurous spirit for fun and amazing pictures, could we ask for more??
We barely made half a lap of the lake before it was time to change into our second wardrobe choice and to be honest, the time went all too fast! That’s not to say we didn’t have fun and a good chat as we circled the lake making fun walky-walky shots as well as dramatic wall-art-style photos along the way!  There was just enough time for some ice-cream (some of which got eaten between the food fights!) before the midday sun heralded the end of the session.
It was a fantastic morning – and we simply cannot wait to shoot with this lovely couple again in only a few weeks at their wedding at Cooling Castle Barn!

Holly & Luke’s Sunny Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…



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