Short Notice Wedding Advice

So you have decided to get married, but can’t decide on a date? Or perhaps the date has crept up on you? Or even worse, a wedding venue or service has let you down at short notice?!

Short Notice Wedding Advice

Things to consider include:

Do you wish to have a church ceremony? You may need to be a member of the local parish to be able to marry at certain churches and venues.

Did you have your heart set on a particular venue? Would it be worth moving the date back if they are booked solid – this can give you more time to arrange everything else…

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Have you always wanted a Summer Wedding or a cosy Winter Wedding? Summer dates are notoriously expensive, and booked well in advance.  Whereas, Winter weddings often have much greater availability and are often cheaper.  Often vendors (like Mykey Day Photography) offer out-of-season discounts.  If you pick the right venue you can keep the ceremony, reception, party and photography all indoors – beating the weather in style.

What budget do you have for your venue, wedding cake, wedding dress, and wedding photography? As mentioned above there are discounts to be had if you look carefully.  Often short notice weddings can be expensive due to late bookings, however there are many vendors and venues who might be able to offer a discount if they happen to be free at short notice. It never hurts to ask!

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How much time do you have to actually organise your wedding?  If your wedding day is approaching fast you may still need to consider how to get everything organised in a short time-frame on top of your already busy schedule! The answer is simply to find a venue and/or wedding vendors who can take care of a lot of the details for you. Choose a venue with a dedicated in-house wedding planner. Choose a full-time wedding photographer who offers a professional service and is available to meet with you and your wedding venue when you want. Choose a bridal dress shop that carries lots of stock and has the staff available to make alterations quickly and professionally. Choose a bakery or company that offers wedding cakes as one of their primary products and as-such does makes and delivers them on a regular basis, not a part-timer who does it on the side and may struggle with the pressure and time-constraints.

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Above all the best advice is to make sure you choose wedding vendors and a wedding venue who are recognised, professional, and who work with weddings as their primary business. Quality and professionalism are especially important in general, but crucial when arranging a wedding at short notice.

You need to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your chosen wedding photographer, bridal dress supplier, or wedding venue, has arranged short notice weddings many times before with the due care and attention to detail your most special day deserves.

If you think you may wish to hold your wedding celebration over the next few months, then please contact Mykey Day Photography to see if we are free on your date, and to find out how we can help you with one of the most important days of your lives.

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