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Rainy Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography

We never let a simple thing like ‘weather’ get in the way of a fun photography session with stunning imagery – and luckily for us Esme & Steven thought the exact same! With their wedding fast approaching they were eager to get their engagement session in as soon as we were back to shooting them!  We had a super fun day filled with coffees, baby scans, and more…

Rainy Wedding Engagement Photographer Mykey Day

It’s not long now until Esme & Steven’s long planned wedding in Kent.  In fact, Esme & Steven had tried booking Mykey well over 5 years ago! At the time we were booked on their 2020 date, but as well all know – plans in 2020 changed somewhat… With that in mind, once they got a new date they were straight on the phone to Mykey to get their new date booked in!  Apparently there was dancing and merriment in the house once booking was complete!
Neither Esme nor Steven had considered having an engagement session before, and had not booked one in when initially booking Mykey for their wedding photography.  However, the subject came up at their timeline meeting, and how it can be so useful for so many reasons beyond the pictures being taken alone!  Getting used to working in front of the camera, knowing what to expect, and generally being able to relax in front of the camera were all reasons that Esme decided this was something that needed to happen!

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Indeed, Esme & Steven (like all our other clients) had been wary to begin with.  Most concerning were all the passers by watching and staring – but soon they realised not only that this barely happened, but when it did: the cries of “congratulations” and the smiles actually made for a more fun and pleasant morning’s photo shoot!  Esme told us that this was in fact a highlight of the session, seeing all the passers by wishing well and smile once they realised what was going on!
It was a super fun morning – and we are over the moon that we get to shoot with this lovely couple again in only three weeks at their wedding!

Esme & Steven’s Winter Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…




London Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

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