Preferred Suppliers

The first thing clients tend to book is the wedding venue, followed shortly by the photographer. As such, we are always in a position to suggest the best vendors and wedding suppliers to our clients before they have booked anything, and indeed most of our clients book vendors exclusively from our preferred supplier list.  If you would like to be considered (especially if you have worked with us before) we'd love to talk to you about recommending you to our clients.  We do not ask for commission for this, we recommend based solely on quality of services and professionalism.

This is a responsibility we take very seriously and only recommend the best suppliers to our clients, professionals who we know and trust will deliver an exceptional service and client experience every time!

Further to this we are often in need of booking other professionals ourselves for events, styled shoots, magazine shoots, corporate clients, and much more... We like to have a bank of trusted fellow vendors upon whom we can rely upon - and in return we pay full price and refer paying clients wherever and whenever the need arises...

Note: We only check our list of applications when we have a need. However, feel free to express your interest below; and we will contact you if and when you are needed.


Personality – Weddings are not 'solemn and serious' events! So we're looking for fun fellow professionals with whom we can enjoy our work to the same extent we take it seriously.  Our clients book us for our laid back fun approach as much as they book us for our attention to detail and creativity, and we like to send our clients to vendors with similar attributes.

Professional – We only like to deal with trusted and tried professionals who can deliver stellar products, service, and client experience every time. Further more we seek fellow professionals who believe in our same values. If we refer a vendor who delivers a poor service, it reflects badly upon us...

Outstanding Products / Services – We are lucky enough to have worked with some truly amazing individuals and businesses over the years, and as such we are in the fortunate position of being able to choose the best of the best for our clients.

How To Get Started

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