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Our third wedding at Powder Mills Hotel in Battle near Hastings had a lot to live up to after our previous weddings there, but it certainly did not disappoint!  Powder Mills is easily one of our favourite wedding venues in the Wedding Venues Spotlight series and despite being a super hot day it was still one of our most enjoyable weddings to date!  Below we’ve left some info about this beautiful East Sussex Wedding Venue, as well as our favourite picks from Michelle & Tobi’s Powder Mills wedding photography.

Powder Mills Hotel Wedding Venue

Powder Mills wedding venue is a beautifully restored Georgian Country House nestled in beautiful lush green gardens, a big beautiful lake, with a few beautiful and ornate bridges to boot – all grade II listed and maintained to world class standards. Originally built in the 18th, this beautiful wedding venue is located near the historic town of Battle, as well as the famous 1066 battlefields.

With over 150 acres of beautiful Sussex countryside as the backdrop to your wedding, this wedding venue is extremely exclusive and popular amongst East Sussex locals, as well as couples like Michelle & Tobi who wanted to escape from the city of London for their fairytale wedding.  You can be married either outdoors by the magnificent lake, or indoors in the elegant Georgian house. This means your wedding will be beautiful come summer or winter, rain or shine!

The PowderMills has a long history of delivering high-class and top level weddings for beautiful brides and blushing grooms, and we’ve found the staff there (especially our favourite Aussie manager 😉 ) to be both professional and friendly in their attention to detail on your day.  There are various options of suites and outdoor spaces for your wedding reception and dinner choices.  The Pavilion suite is particularly popular with larger weddings, with beautifully decorated interiors and the option to personalise it to your own taste. The PowderMills Hotel can accommodate weddings of various sizes up to 250 guests.

Michelle & Tobi’s (#Tomi) Wonderful PowderMills Wedding near Battle

Michelle & Tobi were looking for a wedding to cater for their large guest list but also to make it a wonderful day. They contacted us very early on in their wedding planning as wedding photography was a top priority for them.  Michelle & Tobi (or as they have become affectionately known to their friends & family: #Tomi), both work at Canary Wharf, and that’s where they first met – and had their first date.  So it made total sense for them to have their engagement session there.  Normally it’s incredibly difficult to take photos there (due to heightened security, as well as the fact it’s private land), but Michelle wasn’t going to let red tape stop us – and managed to magic up a photography permit within a wee

It was a scorcher of a day, with the weekend’s temperatures across the U.K. setting records as the highest June temperatures since the 1970s!  Both Michelle & Tobi’s families stayed at the PowderMills Hotel so the ‘getting ready’ wedding photography began there.  Starting first with Tobi and his (super fun and funny) groomsmen in the top suites, many drinks were drunk – and jokes shared… It was genuinely one of our favourite moments as wedding photographers, getting to join in on the fun!

Moving over to the bridal suite in the PowderMills Hotel main wedding venue, Michelle was getting ready with close friends and family.  The heat was slowing everyone down but nonetheless there were some beautiful moments.  Then the guests were all carried over to St. Mary the Virgin Church Battle where the ceremony would take place.  The church is not far away from the wedding venue, but there were a lot of family members to make it over, so #Tomi had arranged two minibuses (duly dubbed: “The Fun Buses”) to get everyone over and back quickly and safely!

The ceremony was beautiful and a quick trip back to PowderMills and some lovely creative wedding photography on the lakes and bridges that adorn this beautiful wedding venue.  The speeches were more than fun, and with a powerpoint presentation that had the wedding guests in stitches! Later that evening we had our work cut out to top that with our same-day-slideshow.

The first dance was something to behold as #Tomi had rehearsed a choreographed first dance that left the crowd stunned! This was followed by some traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian wedding dances with traditional wedding clothes from Nigeria & Ghana, a truly African wedding toward the end!

Kent & Hastings Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

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