Payment Deferment For All Our Clients Due to Covid-19

Payment Deferment For All Our Clients Due to Covid-19

We’ve been working hard to better help our clients through what is an incredibly stressful and difficult time to be alive, let alone plan a wedding.  As a result of the latest government announcements relating to six months worth of restrictions and measures we know times are going to be tough for many.  We’ve already had a few requests to defer payments in light of the long winter ahead.

So we have decided to take the decision to DEFER ALL PAYMENTS UNTIL APRIL 20TH 2021.  All scheduled payment dates specified in contracts are now automatically deferred until April 20th 2021.

This is our gesture to say that we are fortunate enough to be in a position to wait, but we know many of our clients may be in positions where the deferment of payment could make a huge difference.  Even if it is just a small difference, we still want to help out any way we can.

Please Contact Us Before Making Any Payment – Even If It Is A Scheduled Payment

We’re going to coincide this measure with a long-planned change to our banking details, in particular as the Business Bounce Back Loan Scheme (rather strangely and obtusely) requires the setting up of a Business Account with the specific lender we apply to.  

Thus the bank account details you currently have should no longer be used

We will be setting up an interim account for new clients paying deposits but we ask all current and previous clients not to make any payment of any kind before speaking with us as we are currently not accepting payments and any payments made at this time may go missing and we will not be liable for any money lost by incorrect payment.

Once again: We ask that you do not make ANY payments to us without speaking to us in advance – the bank details on the back of your contract will likely no longer be valid

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Other Ways We’ve Been Helping Out Our Clients

Despite being in a squeeze from outside elements behaving unfairly to small businesses such as ours, we’ve been doing our part to help with the situation we all find ourselves in.  Indeed we’ve been hit hard from many sides, including worse-than-nothing government ‘grants’, unscrupulous businesses deciding now is the time to call in all debts (and in some cases inventing new ones), and event suppliers forging ahead with unsafe events that are not-as-advertised so as to avoid refunding us. 

Nonetheless we want to ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ by behaving better than this.  To this end we have:

  • Deferred payments for 6 months (as above) to all our clients.
  • Allowed rescheduling of events (sometimes many times) at no extra cost.
  • Better educating our clients and the public at large as to their options in rescheduling and hosting weddings in the current covid climate.
  • We’ve offered massively discounted videography, engagement sessions, family photo sessions, and more, to those whose weddings have been impacted by covid.
  • We’ve been a sounding-board as well as imparting advice to our clients which has so far saved a cumulative total of £10,000+ (we stopped keeping track at £10k) from venues and suppliers leveraging unfair fees or services.
  • Further to the above we’ve upped our customer service with an unprecedented surge in phone-time, face-time, and other correspondence with our clients above and beyond anything like we would normally cater for per client.
  • We’ve kept our clients up-to-date with the latest information on our website and on the phone so they can better understand and make decisions in light of current events.
  • We’ve led the way in our industry speaking with decision makers and many of our colleagues about the wedding industry’s response to these unprecedented times.

And we’ll be doing more over the winter period to both better service our clients as well as better serve the industry as a whole.  We look forward to working with you on our journey…

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