Oakwood House Hotel Closes – Weddings Cancelled & Ruined

Oakwood House Hotel Closes – Weddings Cancelled & Ruined

We’ve shot many weddings at the Kent Wedding Venue Oakwood House Hotel and were as upset anyway about the breaking news that Maidstone City Council has ruined many wedding plans. We’ve attended wedding fairs hosted (some within the last few months) by Oakwood House Hotel and have even recommended to our clients being married elsewhere that they consider using the hotel for accommodation for their wedding party and for use of the beautiful bridal suite.

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Breaking News

There have been rumblings for a long time that the days of weddings at Oakwood House Hotel in Maidstone were numbered, however it has finally come to pass that the doors will shot on this long time wedding venue.  We’ve had confirmation that the hotel will close at the end of August to be converted into council offices, so a complete use change.

We have spoken with brides who have been in discussions with Oakwood House as recently as November, who were looking at weddings in 2020 and beyond, who were not informed of the potential closure. We’ve spoken with an Oakwood House Hotel insider who confirms that there are at least 20 couples with weddings booked who will have had their weddings cancelled due to the closure.

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Lack of Information / Poor Communication from Maidstone Council

As reported in the Kent Online article, one bride Liz Bruce was given vague information and was for a long time uncertain as to whether their wedding would be taking place at the Kent wedding venue – and now face the daunting task of finding a comparable Kent wedding venue all over again…

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Indeed we had two sets of clients who were in talks for booking accommodation and the bridal suite for their weddings, who were given the vague statement that the hotel would be ‘closing for renovation, and unsure when it would reopen’.  The implication being that the venue will return as a Hotel and Wedding Venue, despite the fact we have learnt this is not the case.

We are currently working with two other couple’s getting married at the venue before the closure, who are understandably worried and concerned about their big weddings at the venue.

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