Newly Engaged Tips & Tricks

Newly Engaged Tips & Tricks – Common Mistakes For Newly Engaged Couples To Avoid


Congratulations! You’re Engaged to be married! Now what…??!?

We know there is no manual for getting married so see below for a starting point to your big wedding day! 


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How To Get A Headstart On Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day

Still Looking For A Venue?! Check Out These tips!

There’s a lot to consider when booking a venue, whether it’s accommodation, location, style, staffing, parking, inside/outside options, catering options… And so much, much more!  We’ve compiled a blog post about things you should look for when looking for a wedding venue (click below) but a few quick fire tips:

1) check out the state of the toilets and car park, this says a lot about their attention to detail.

2) Ask how long the wedding planners have been there, venues notoriously have high turnover of planners – anything over 2 years is good, and anything over 5 years is exceptional…

3) Ask the difficult questions: Can you change ceremony time? Can you have your own caterers? Can you have your own fireworks company? Is the venue ‘exclusive use/hire’ even if you don’t book out all the accommodation? Can the dinner time be changed to something more normal? Essentially, can you have your wedding ‘your way‘?! Even if they say yes, were they excited when they said yes or just telling you what you want to hear to get you to book?  (Not bad to get that ‘yes’ in writing, by the way…)

4) Ask if there are any additional fees related to the booking that may arise, or is the price quoted the final price? Common ‘gotcha add-ons’ are corkage, ‘service fee’ (whatever that is), and under-occupation penalties… Make sure to get in writing what additional costs may be related to your wedding, and if they aren’t comfortable telling you, then walk away…

5) The other big suppliers that have limited availablity 1-2 years out are wedding photographers as they are typically booked straight after booking the venue – consider checking availability with your favourite wedding photographer (Mykey is waiting for your email!) as if you book your venue date without checking, you may miss out on the photographer of your dreams who was in fact free on one of the other dates suggested by the venue!

Click Here For More Tips&Tricks On What To Look For In A Wedding Venue!

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Your Wedding isn’t for another 12/18/24 months? Think You Have Plenty of Time? THINK AGAIN!

The first big culture shock to newly engaged couples is the fact that weddings and suppliers are booked YEARS in advance.  You are excited and want your wedding as soon as possible, but unfortunately the best wedding venues and suppliers are booked 18-24 months in advance MINIMUM. For the top suppliers I’m afraid to tell you that in wedding terms ’12-24 months’ is tomorrow, and ‘under 6-12 months’ is tonight!

This isn’t to say that top suppliers don’t have ‘some’ availability in the next 12 months, but we are saying is that if you have a date 12-24 months away and think you have all the time in the world and to wait before booking – YOU’RE MAKING A MISTAKE!

We’re typically booked 18 months in advance, and have dwindling availability 12-24 months out as this it the time we are actively booking!   All the best venues and suppliers are usually booked up 18+ months ahead, with popular dates (June-September) being 2-3 years+!!

Some suppliers like Wedding Dress Shops, jewellers, and stationary companies, will tell you at wedding shows that you have lots of time yet, but as you will have seen when enquiring about dates at popular venues, two years is not a long time at all…. These kinds of suppliers (cake makers, wedding sign shops, etc…) can still service you closer to the time as they can service multiple weddings.  But toastmasters, venues, photographers, videographers, photo booths, etc… can usually only do one wedding per date, and once that date is gone its gone!

For sure, you will find many new or not-so-successful suppliers with plenty of availability, but the reason for that can’t be a good one…

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You Want The Best But You Have A Budget That You Are Sticking To? Here’s Why You Might Be Setting Yourself Up For Disaster From The Start…

We have an entire blog post on why the budgets that brides and grooms set for their wedding fall apart pretty quickly, but in a nutshell, the information used to set up these budgets was usually cobbled together pretty quickly at the beginning of the wedding planning process – and doesn’t bare any reflection to reality in practice.  See our blog post below that outlines in detail why this is, and how you should ACTUALLY budget for your wedding…

CLICK HERE to see the best ways to set a REALISTIC Wedding Budget



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Wedding Videography

We always joke that wedding videography is very much like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!  Please do check out our Videography which hopefully you will quickly notice is far more classy and worthy of your consideration than the competition, and don’t forget the HUGE DISCOUNTS we do on our videography collection prices for our wedding photography clients!


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Wedding Insurance

This is a non-issue if you don’t have wedding insurance. Get wedding insurance.  Do it now.  Open a new tab and buy it.  I’ll wait…

Didn’t know it was a ‘thing’? Well it 100% is a thing, and saved our clients many, many £1000s during the pandemic.  Seriously, did you buy it yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Why Wedding Insurance Is a No-Brainer – Get It Now!

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Destination Weddings

Getting Married abroad?! You’ve come to the right place! We’ve shot dozens of weddings abroad at locations ranging from Rome to Paris, Crete to Cyprus, Spain to Malta, Ukraine to Poland.

It may seem like a great idea to hire a local photographer, but there are a whole plethora of reasons why this can backfire on you.  Most notably:

  1. Language and culture barrier with wedding party and guests.
  2. Culture differences in how weddings happen (did you know in most of Europe they have no idea what a ‘top-table’ is at the wedding reception!?)
  3. Personality is important, so you want to meet and get to know your photographer before the wedding day, not on the day itself.
  4. You’ll want access to your photographer back home after the wedding for both peace of mind as well as organising a world-class Italian leather album if you want one…

CLICK HERE For Lots More Info and Tips & Tricks For Destination Weddings and Getting Married Abroad

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“Mykey – You Know So Much! Can You Help Plan Our Wedding?!?”

Well I’m flattered to hear this a lot! Unfortunately wedding planners are not a ‘thing’ anymore, but we’ll help any way we can!  Firstly, included with all our premium wedding photography collections is a ‘timeline consultation’ where we want to get to know you and help as much as we can with your wedding day planning!  Whilst this isn’t a planning service you’ll see from our reviews that our clients find this service invaluable – and very often makes the difference between having the wedding day you want instead of the wedding day your venue and suppliers always do

CLICK HERE To See Why Timeline Meetings Are Invaluable

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How Can You Be Sure To Book The Best Photographer…?

Well if you have read this far then not only are you a clever, intelligent, and wonderful human being who is switched on to the important aspects of planning a wedding (well done you!), but also you clearly like what we have to say and our combined 40+ years experience in the wedding industry! So all you have to do now is book!  Typically a £500 deposit is enough to secure your wedding date with Mykey, and we have flexible payment options with a variety of collections to suit every budget and need!


CLICK HERE to see more Awesome Wedding Advice with Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Wedding!


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Kent London & Destination Weddings With World-Class Photographer Mykey Day

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