New Normal Wedding Planning – Things You Are Doing Wrong!

New Normal Wedding Planning – Things You Are Doing Wrong!

In February 2021 we’ve compiled a list of all the common mistake we see couples are making when planning their wedding.

Booking Your Wedding Suppliers Far Too Late

More and more we are seeing couples leave booking their wedding suppliers to the last minute! The problem is, what they think is ‘last minute’ and what the wedding industry considers ‘last minute’ are vastly different things.  Many couples think they can book top established wedding suppliers 12 months away from their wedding date, but in wedding terms this is FAR TOO LATE and all the best ones will be booked.



Booking Your Wedding Date Too Soon

With lockdown having been put on hold you will be tempted to book in your wedding ASAP to get it sorted. The problem with this is that all the best venues, suppliers, and dates, are all gone for the next 2-3 years.  As such, you are making huge compromises and sacrifices over quality and choice without possibly even realising it.  Where there are many new venues and fresh suppliers filling this gap, you have to ask yourself why they are so available when all the top tier and more established suppliers you wanted are all gone.


Booking “All Inclusive Venue Packages” or Suppliers Who “Do It All”

Whether it is venues throwing in DJs and toastmasters, or photographers who will also dress the venue and officiate your service for you (just…. how?!), beware of all these one-stop-wedding-shops as the old saying goes: “A Jack of all trades is master of none…”

There are some specific exceptions to this, of course, such as DJs offering separately staffed Photo Booths, or photographers also offering videography. Such examples where complimentary services are offered make total sense.

But we find suppliers who will throw any and all services at you, along with the kitchen sink, are just a recipe for disaster.  Furthermore the ‘venue package’ included DJs and toastmasters are usually the most complained about by our clients after the wedding.  They just don’t care as much as a dedicated business that you met and got along with – they just turned up on the day and found out your names from the venue manager when their shift started.

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Not Taking Advantage of Show Special Offers

You’ll have seen us mention that wedding suppliers who permanently have a DFS Sofas style  50%off everything-must-go sale are a joke and not to be trusted for a variety of reasons… Most of which are pretty self-explanatory and obvious.

But conversely, when you meet a supplier at a wedding show running a special show-offer, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT! Assuming it’s a realistic discount off of a price that wasn’t just made up on the spot, if you love a supplier then it’s there for you to take advantage of and you are losing money by not throwing down a deposit.

Wedding suppliers pay a lot of money to be at wedding shows, and they actively want to make bookings – and running show special offers guarantees them return on their investment. This is one time where it’s win-win for both of you!!!


Treating Wedding Shows As Places ‘To Get Ideas’ Rather than Book Services

More and more we are seeing wedding shows and wedding venue open days treated as ‘information gathering’ rather than what it actually is: SHOPPING (and the super fun kind!).

You are shopping for suppliers for your wedding, and whilst gathering information and good ideas is a nice bonus, if this is your main priority then honestly – jump on Instagram – it’s cheaper and quicker!

More and more we are seeing couples with their friends and families, who make a concerted effort to make the time to go to a wedding show and look around, and then ACTIVELY AVOID speaking to any of the suppliers there!

If you’ve ever walked past a stand and not looked but asked ‘have you got a card I can take away?’ then you are doing it wrong.


The benefits of wedding shows are all about talking to the very suppliers you plan to give money to.  Asking about common concerns and also just what’s possible, is the main benefit of going to a wedding show.

Sure there are gonna be some pushy sales-like people who will jump on you at wedding shows, but a) they were going to do that anyway whether you avoid talking to anyone or not (and now you avoided talking to the nice non-pushy people you should have spoken too) and b) let them do it and now you know who you aren’t going to book which makes life easier!!!  

And Finally, the only reason that wedding shows are ‘free’ for you to enter is because it is the wedding suppliers who paid to be there. Often they pay WAY more than you would think they did.  As such, if you actively avoid talking to them you are going to annoy them – and now the sum total of your trip was to make some of the region’s top wedding suppliers not want to talk to you about your wedding!!! Suppliers pay £1000s to be at these shows, set up lovely stalls for you to look at and give you ideas, and give a lot of their time to be there for you.  If you don’t bother looking and then just ask for a card or ‘prices please’, established suppliers will not be interested in you at all.

So stop being shy and say hello! Most suppliers are super friendly and want to help you have the best wedding day possible – why not let them!!!


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