May Government Announcement Relating to Mykey Day Weddings

May Government Announcement Relating to Mykey Day Weddings


The Latest Advice

The government has released new guidelines for restrictions on the population and civil activities.  Our understanding of these latest guidelines is that we are able to go back to work. Hooray! But unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to meet with us! Booo!

Essentially as we have been encouraged to go back to work to do things we can’t do from home, we can arrive to your engagement session or timeline meeting – but as a ‘non-essential’ meeting that you are having with more than one person from another household, you are not allowed to come!

We’ve been inundated with all our clients asking what these new guidelines mean to them, but unfortunately we are not government or legal experts – so we must err on the side of caution, and thus we are not resuming these activities.  We will be in touch with all our clients to let them know when we can get back to work for them – as such there is no need to get in touch to check each time the government makes an announcement – we will of course make an announcement as soon as we can!

Our Comeback Plan When We Can Get Back To Work

We’ve been working hard to formulate plans and policies to mitigate the greatest of problems caused by this pandemic.  Relating to the most common questions we’ve had please see below:

  • Engagement Sessions:  As and when we are allowed back to work we will be contacting all clients with outstanding engagement sessions to book them in on a priority basis (soonest weddings getting first refusal on dates).  We are working on a list of locations that we will be able to conduct your engagement session at safely and in accordance with UK Law.


  • Timeline Consults & Walk-Arounds:  As above, we will be contacting clients as soon as we are able to conduct these face-to-face and booking them in on a priority basis.  For the very small number of weddings that have not booked in their session and where their date may be happening shortly after a general relaxation on the rules (and therefore with no time to conduct this meeting face-to-face) we will try to offer online meetings.  Luckily, as we strongly suggest having this meeting ASAP after booking – within a month or so – the vast majority of our clients are already up to date!


  • Rescheduling Capacity: We are working hard on increasing our capacity for wedding photography and videography in light of the huge number of rescheduled weddings and are confident we will be able to service all our clients thanks to this long (and expensive) effort we have made.

What You Can Do To Help In These Difficult Times

We have taken a beating in this crazy time – and we know many other businesses and clients have too.  But we’re so lucky to have wonderful clients who want to do what they can for us and others.  They understand that capitalism is democracy. Where you spend your money is a vote on your values and who you want to succeed – and we’ve been blessed with clients who want to support a small business knowing that the money they spend goes directly to us and our families – not to billionaire shareholders squeezing what they can out of the situation and quarantining in their mansions and yachts.

With that in mind it’s simple, here’s a list of things you can do to support!

Please do recommend us to your friends or family who may be getting married – we’d be excited to work with your friends and family, and our families will thank you also!

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A HUGE Thank-you to all our wedding and family photo clients from everyone here at Mykey Day Photography!


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