Malta Wedding Photography – Natalia & Jon Post-Bridal Session

Malta Wedding Photos on beach at sunset

Weddings in Malta are a huge deal!  We’re pretty sure that half the Maltese economy is centred around weddings! With so many people choosing to have a destination wedding on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, not to mention the wedding-trigger-happy locals, a large number of wedding photographers in Malta have sprung up to serve the market!

This is why we are always amazed and humbled when couples choose to take us over to Malta for their wedding and engagement photos – and Natalia and Jon were no exception. Having read the reviews, Jon was won over to Natalia’s choice and brought us over for a wonderful few days where we were lucky enough to share in their love.  Over the course of our time together we really bonded, and I sincerely believed Natalia when this lovely couple told us how ecstatic they were with having us part of their big day together.

Malta Wedding Photography

We spoke by Skype several times and discussed the kind of imagery Natalia & Jon were looking for – luckily we were on the same page when it came to dramatic wedding photography and the creative and artistic wedding photos they wanted.  They had done their research and chosen the photographer they knew would deliver those art-like ‘canvas’ photos they were looking for…

The exact location wasn’t so simple, as Malta has a wide choice of scenic photo locations, from the quiet city of Mdina, to the dramatic capitol Valetta, from glorious panoramic sunsets like at Dingli Cliffs, to the sweeping beaches of Golden Bay or Riveira Beach.  In the end it was the beaches that made the most sense – providing sweeping panoramic possibilities and not too far from the location of their reception.

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Natalia: “When Jon and I first started organising our wedding,  I told him I knew one thing for sure: I wanted Mykey to be our photographer! We didn’t waste time looking for anyone else. As soon as I saw Mykey’s photos, I knew I wanted those photos for our new home! Mykey thinks outside the box and goes above and beyond to deliver wonderful photos. We can’t wait to show off our art around the house when we move in…

It was so much fun working with Mykey and Claire, they were professional, funny, responsive to our e-mails and quick to answer questions. I know for sure we will be flying Mykey and his team out for more photos real soon! ;-)”

Jon: “When Natalia started talking about wedding photography, I was worried! Knowing what my friends had paid for their wedding photography, I was definitely hesitant. However, looking through Mykey’s website, seeing Mykey’s professionalism and enthusiasm for his work, as well as the high quality of products, I was quickly won over and knew no-one else could possibly photograph our wedding! Also Natalia was in love with his work and after all, as Mykey always says, it’s her day not mine haha!”

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Natalia & Jon didn’t have the opportunity for an engagement session in Malta but two of our other clients were able to meet us there for a few pictures, please see below for the galleries:




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