Luxury Wedding Albums

Kent and London wedding photographer presents deluxe Black Label Wedding Albums, handmade in Italy with a wide variety of colours, leathers, silks, and other options, extra large wedding album with parents copies and parent albums in presentation box

When it comes to remembering your Wedding Day, your Wedding Album will be the most important part of documenting the most special day in your love. But when it comes to Wedding Albums there are many things to consider, from design style, to material choice, to size… It can be a bit of a nightmare, here’s a guide on choosing and ordering your wedding album from professional Kent Wedding Photographer Mykey Day.

Luxury Wedding Albums

The old saying goes: 

When the songs have been sung, and the wine has been drunk – the laughter has echoed and the flowers have wilted, it is your wedding photos that stand the test of time…

For this reason, our clients make photography a top priority.  But it’s not enough just to hire one of the best photographers in the country, how you display, present, and ultimately look back on your photos is an incredibly important part of telling your story…

The Importance of the Wedding Album

We firmly believe that your wedding album is very likely your first family heirloom, and we don’t say that lightly.  We love the fact that in years to come, your kids’ kids will hold something in their hands that your parents and possibly grandparents also held in theirs… They will possibly be able to see what their own parents looked like when they were younger than they are as they look, and will be able to see more than ‘static faces’ or ‘mug shots’ of distant relatives they never met. They will see the laughing smiling faces of a whole host of relatives, they may have never have even met.

Wow.  To us, that’s a big deal…

For this reason, and for many others we’ll go into below, getting a truly world-class wedding album that is both beautiful and stands the test of time, is a very important consideration to make.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Images For Your Beautiful Wedding Album

Our top tips for choosing images for putting in your timeless album…

  1. Make sure you choose the images ‘you’ love. – This may sound obvious, but often we see albums can be dramatically changed by the ‘group-think’ of parents and friends getting involved.  Just because mum says you ‘must have’ certain images in your album, doesn’t make it true…
  2. Let your Photographer tell the story of your day that you will want to remember. – Here at Mykey Day Photography we pre-design an artist’s choice album design for all our clients – and 98% of the time our clients barely change a thing.  This is because we’ve been working with you to tell your story from the very beginning, and then as we make your images on your day and then edit them after – we have a close relationship with the images and know exactly which ones tell your story best.  Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed.
  3. Don’t be tempted to cram your album… – Some clients feel obligated to put as many photos in the album as possible, so as to ‘remember the most’.  But this, we feel, is a mistake.  The reason is, a cluttered and image-heavy album is not a beautiful thing, in fact it can be laborious to even look at, which is exactly the opposite of what your wedding album should be.  The phrase ‘less is more’ is most apt in this circumstance, as a few well chosen and striking images, tell more of your story than a jumble of disjointed images…


Types of Wedding Albums

There are many different types of wedding albums, and unfortunately a wide chasm of quality to traverse.  From flimsy coffee table albums printed by the same presses that make magazines, presented in cardboard boxes made to look more luxurious than they truly are – all the way to the superior hand-crafted and leather bound family heirlooms that we present to our clients here at Mykey Day Photography.

To us, the wedding album is perhaps the most important part of your wedding – as ultimately it’s one of the few things that will last beyond the wedding day (even when talking about memories).  This is why we looked long and hard for a partner who could produce the top-level family-heirloom quality wedding album that we wanted to put in the hands of our clients to last them beyond a lifetime.  Our search took us through local English providers all the way to multi-national level printers in Japan.  But finally, it was in the foothills of the Dolomites of Italy – just a 30 minute drive into the mountains from the canals of Venice – that we found our trusted partner.

We worked with our partners in Italy to provide albums that come with a whole host of options – up to 3 million combinations are now possible in fact! And this, coupled with superior quality and craftsmanship, is why we are so excited to show our clients this level of wedding Album.

Here at Mykey Day Photography we have three types of Wedding Album – with the two most popular being:

The Black Label Album – A timeless, sophisticated, and stylish – superior wedding album that is guaranteed to impress for generations to come.

The Platinum Album – A modern, bold, and supremely stylish album designed for the modern era.

Both these albums are hand made in Italy to the highest standards of quality using a combination of modern state-of-the-art printing combined with traditional hand sewing and pressing techniques for a truly world-class wedding album to remember the story of your day…

Parent’s Books & Companion Copies

Traditionally Parents paid for the whole of the wedding – and indeed they were the ones who would choose the photographer.  This is the reason why parents books were traditionally available alongside the main album, so that they may have a copy of the beautiful weddings of their sons and daughters. Furthermore, it was only fair if they were paying for it, right?!  Alas, those days of parents footing the bill for this expensive day has largely passed – partly due to traditions changing, and also because modern brides & grooms want complete control over how their wedding day will turn out.  And it is for this reason, that many photographer dropped the idea of the parents books (it just wasn’t profitable).  Here at Mykey Day photography we are proud to still offer parents copies and companion books for those couples who want to give them away as wedding gifts for parents and friends.

Another awesome idea for parents books & companion copies is to use them as a more portable version of your large main album.  Whilst we do want you to take your album with you to show anyone and everyone who may want to view it, there are times when it’s just not practical or wise to take your expensive album out of the house. For this reason, many of our clients have parents copies and companion books at multiple sizes so as to be able to be more portable – in fact the small pocket books are ideal for keeping in your handbag or drawer at work for those unexpected moments you meet someone who wants to relive those moments with you…

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