London Eye & St. Paul’s Engagement Photos – London Engagement Photography

We love creating magic moments with engagement sessions and pre-wedding photography in London for our clients – and we were excited when Jacqui & Marc wanted some photos to practice their skills before their big wedding at the Old Kent Barn. Jacqui & Marc were originally interested in one of our engagement sessions abroad – but London can be the backdrop for some stunning world class photography!

London Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography

Jacqui & Marc booked us over two years ago for their upcoming beautiful wedding at the Old Kent Barn in Kent and were very keen on the benefits of an engagement session when we explained how useful they are not only in creating stunning imagery you’ll love but also making for more spectacular wedding photos when the wedding day finally arrives!

Jacqui & Marc were originally keen on accompanying us to Rome for some Rome Engagement Photos – but as the pressures of wedding planning took hold it made more sense to pop up to their favourite locations in London for equally fantastic engagement photos.

Our day started in Bond Street with photos near the store that Marc bought Jacqui’s engagement ring from, followed by a stroll to Green Park to practice the ‘walky-walky’ thing (only our clients know what we mean 😉 ) before heading over to the London Eye.  The English weather was being a bit silly, and with Big Ben currently covered in scaffolding (the shame!) we spent a bit of time taking in the possibilities of the London Eye before taking a taxi over to St. Paul’s Cathedral to finish their photo session.

Pre-Wedding Photos Before Your Big Wedding

We always recommend a pre-wedding engagement photography session to our couples for so many reasons – from getting used to working in front of the camera to understanding better what is involved – and ultimately down to the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing you are working with your dream wedding photographer.  Engagement sessions are a wonderful idea for so many reasons – CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE REASONS WHY.


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