Leeds Castle Wedding Venue Photography | Denise & Paul

It was not our first wedding at the renowned Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent but it was definitely one of our most enjoyable!  Denise & Paul had a super spectacular wedding planned at this historic wedding venue, and we were honoured and privileged to tell the story of their most wonderful wedding day!

Leeds Castle Wedding Photography


Leeds Castle is a stunning wedding venue in the heart of Kent near Maidstone, and they self-style themselves as “the loveliest Castle in the world!” – and we completely agree! With over 900 years of important history and over 500 acres of the most beautiful Kentish parkland available, this really is a fairytale castle wedding dream come true!

Leeds Castle history encompasses a wide variety of history – from Norman stronghold to Georgian Mansion, from Jacobean Country House to a personal home of Henry VIII for wife Catherine of Aragon. Leeds Castle is famously one of the most visited historic buildings in the whole of Britain, and is now a popular tourist attraction for both English and foreign tourists. Leeds Castle has also been a stunning film/tv location for films including: ‘Kind Hearts & Coronets’, ‘The Moonraker’, ‘Waltz of the Toreadors’, as well as tv shows like ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Androids of Tara’, and most recently was the stunning backdrop to Sir Cliff Richard’s concert ‘Castles in the Air’.


Autumn Wedding at Leeds Castle in Kent

It was February of 1992 in Denise’s house when Paul first met the beautiful lady who would become his wife and soulmate forever.  Whilst waiting for friends they were watching Thelma and Louise and of course they had to wait until the film finished before they could leave.  This was Paul’s first exposure to Denise’s mu, crazy little poodle Toby, and Denise’s frantic cheering for the movie!  How fitting then that the proposal would follow at the same location down the line…  Nothing was planned or staged, it was a spontaneous heartfelt gesture that was to be kept under wraps as the following day was their nephew’s first birthday and it was his day.  Paul was playing in a band that evening and couldn’t resist letting slip the big news to the lead singer, so Denise had to use the public phone in the pub to tell her mum quickly as the band was about to announce all in the pub!!  He then announced it and while we were being congratulated by everyone, Paul’s parents walked in!

Denise & Paul’s Fantastic Wedding At The Historic Leeds Castle

We were honoured and privileged to tell the story of their most wonderful day together. See below for our favourites from Denise & Paul’s beautiful wedding at Leeds Castle in Kent…

Leeds Castle Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

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Kent Wedding Photographer: Mykey Day Photography

Kent Wedding Venue: Leeds Castle Maidstone

Kent Wedding DJ: Apollo Funk

Kent Wedding Harpists: 2 of Harps

Kent Wedding Flowers: Leeds Castle Wedding Venue

Kent Wedding Dress: Teokath Canterbury

Kent Wedding Cake: Cake Witch

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