Knowlton Court – Kent Wedding Venue

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Here at Mykey Day Photography we’re going to start to feature some weddings at our favourite Kent and London Wedding venues, and Knowlton Court is easily one of our top recommendations for Kent wedding venues and those looking to get married in the South-East.  Knowlton Court is not only an amazing wedding venue but also a much loved family home with dedicated staff and many years experience in the wedding industry, located not too far from Canterbury and Ashford.

Knowlton Court – Kent Wedding Venue

Knowlton Court is a grade 1 listed house with amazing driveway, gardens, and large wedding hall.  Knowlton Court has hosted hundreds of weddings and other events, and was built in 1585 by Sir Thomas Peyton Baronetcy, the estate became the property of Sir John Narborough in the 18th century before being passed to the D’Aeth family in the 19th century.

Getting Ready

Knowlton Court has wonderful accommodation available on site for both bride and groom, in this featured wedding with Claire & Simon, Simon and his entourage got ready in the Dower House.

Whilst Claire got ready in the Knowlton Rooms and flats located in the main building.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is a relatively recent addition and this beautiful piece of architecture was designed by the family and crafted out of oak from the estate itself,  Surrounded by huge topiary hedges with intricate shapes, the Pavilion is a world-class location to celebrate your special day together. Having shot at hundreds of wedding venues in Kent and beyond, we have no hesitation in agreeing with Knowlton Court when they say the Pavilion is “one of the most romantic places in England to get married.”



The Grounds and Creative Wedding Photography Opportunities

One of the (very many) reasons we love this Kent Wedding Venue is because everywhere you look, it is a beautiful and breathtaking venue – making your wedding photos all but guaranteed to be amazing….

The Great Hall

This Tudor Hall has hosted many beautiful weddings under the watchful eyes of the now-famous suits of armour who stand guard at all times of day. The Great Hall is an elegant ceremony room and offers the perfect setting for your marriage ceremony and reception. The Knowlton Court’s Great Hall has many beautiful photo opportunities such as the elaborate fireplace, the suits of armour, floor to ceiling windows, the wooden panelling, intricate hand embroidered French Flemish tapestries, historical paintings, and checkered marble floor.  The Hall’s capacity for a wedding ceremony is 100 guests and for dining the capacity is 86 with an additional 70 evening guests.

The Boudoir

The night time party can get rocking in this beautiful room with elegant wooden panels lining every wall, and intricate white flower moulding on the ceiling. The entire room can be used to dance (no outside dance floor required) because an overlay floor has been installed specifically to protect the ancient oak flooring underneath. The Boudoir also features a magnificent fireplace in the centre of the room and the mantelpiece is often decorated with flower garlands.



Night Time Photos at Knowlton Court

An important part of any venue’s offering for their wedding clients are the possibilities for sunset and night time photos on the wedding day, and Knowlton Court does not disappoint!


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