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Megan & Mike had such a wonderful wedding planned in Kent and heard about us from our previous clients Lyndsey & James whose wedding at the Orangery in Maidstone (Turkey Mill) we covered back in 2016! It was awesome seeing them again and even more wonderful being part of such a super fun Kent wedding on the hottest day on 2019!!

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Kent Wedding Photography

It was a super hot day for Megan & Mike exactly the same as it was with their friends’ Lyndsey & James’ wedding back in 2016 – we always tell our brides ‘we don’t do wet weddings’ and they never believe us until the day!  Megan & Mike were wonderful to work with from beginning to end, Megan was super organised and had a spectacular Kent wedding planned with minimal help needed from us in the timeline meeting – whilst Mike was super enthusiastic to help us out and was even the inspiration for a blog post we did recently on how to get the best out of your Kent wedding suppliers by treating them well! (See below).

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A Summer Wedding in Kent

Megan and Mike had a super relaxed but fun wedding day planned. From the start Megan had already decided she wanted a ceremony much later in the day that better suited the fun day they had planned and the events they wanted to do.  This is something we’ve mentioned many times before that ceremony timing often makes or breaks a wedding day – and Megan already knew this before we even had our timeline meeting – we love a bride who knows what they’re doing!  Click the link below to see why Megan and we at Mykey Day Photography suggest you decide your ceremony time very carefully!

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The later ceremony time meant for a much more leisurely start to the day, with lots of time and lots of fun to be had with the groomsmen who were up to all sorts of hijinx!  It also meant that bride and bridesmaids had plenty of time for make-up followed by lots of photos with bridesmaids, family, and friends!  Megan was also careful to ensure we had plenty of time allotted for couples’ photographs for Bride & Groom before dinner, meaning that even with the inevitable delays that happen on a wedding day – they had plenty of time for a wide variety of wedding photos that they’ll enjoy looking back upon for a lifetime!  This meant for a relaxed and easy-going session that we feel really got the most out of this wonderful couple, as well as the spectacular sunny weather we were enjoying! All this was nicely helped along by the fact they had booked an engagement session that meant we could hit the ground running getting fabulous wedding photos for them as soon as the champagne glasses had been emptied!

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The groom Mike actually works in the events industry so we were treated to a spectacular DJ set and venue styling for the first dance, with industrial grade lighting and dance floor, as well as a super cool screen that scrolled through many images of Megan, Mike and family – as well as images from their engagement session together.  The night ended with lots of dancing and fun, and it was truly an honour to document their Kent Wedding for them…


Megan & Mike’s Fun Kent Wedding

See below for our favourites from Megan & Mike’s beautiful Kent wedding in Maidstone…


Kent Wedding Photography by Mykey Day

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