Kent Wedding Photography – How Much Does It Cost?

Kent Wedding Photography – How Much Does It Cost?

Wedding photography is one part of your celebration where it’s advisable not to go cheap. We’re not saying every couple should spend exorbitant amounts on parts of their wedding if it’s not important to them, but photography really is one part where it pays to spend more than you might think. After all, you’ll be looking back on these photos for a lifetime to come, and as such, the memories of the other things you spent money upon depend heavily on your photography. Ask your friends about how important their wedding photos are to them and whether you will want them to be the best they possibly can as that ultimate memento of your special wedding day.

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The Average Cost Of A Kent Wedding Photographer

The exact prices for wedding photographers vary widely by location, in the south-east, the standard is approximately £1,200 for basic wedding photography packages up to £3,000 for full-day collections with second shooter and deluxe album. These prices go up commensurately in London where prices are generally 10-30% higher.

Further to this, the cost of wedding photography varies greatly from county to county and from photographer to photographer – depending upon various factors such as their level of experience, quality of products and services, or popularity of that particular photographer. Top photographers are often booked years in advance, and as such don’t need to discount or price themselves too low.

For the counties of Kent, Essex, Surrey and surrounding areas – the ‘going rate’ as it were is £1,200 for a mid-to-top level photographer to provide 8-10 hours and all your digital proofs. How much you ultimately spend, however, really depends on the factors listed above and below – and ultimately upon how important wedding photos are to you. We’ve mentioned before many times that if wedding photography (or anything else for that matter) isn’t a priority, then dont spend money on it! But if wedding photography is important to you, make sure you budget for a top-quality professional…

The traditional ‘rule of thumb’ is to spend 15 percent of your total wedding budget on wedding photography, although you may decide spend more or less depending on how important you consider wedding photos to be.

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Why There’s a Big Fluctuation In Wedding Photographer Prices

You may be wondering why there is such a wide gamut of prices and variations between wedding photographers. Prices can depend on a wide variety of things, less hours means fewer photos to process and less costs in paying second shooters or outsourcing editing.

Quality of Products: All professional photographers include wedding albums in their product lines, however not all wedding albums are created equally. Whilst some photographers offer handmade leather wedding albums from Italy, others may offer cheap press-print books from Poland. Make sure you take a look at the quality of albums from different wedding photographers before making your decision based on price.

Level of Experience: Many wedding photographers who are just starting or still only part-time will be offering cheaper prices due to their level of experience. A tried and trusted professional in Kent or the South-East of England will typically charge nothing less than £1,200 for their basic package, owing to the costs of running a successful wedding photography business. Any cheaper than this is a clear indication that the wedding photographer has a lower level of experience. Similarly, some photographers in the South-East shoot weddings for no less than £3,000 – which is a sign that they are busy enough and successful enough to command that price.

Some wedding photographers will charge less whilst others a great deal more, but almost certainly any wedding photographer charging under £1,000 must be either starting out or one of the many cowboys / weekend warriors weve spoken about in the past.

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Leave It To The Professionals

We’ve mentioned in previous articles that whilst you may be tempted by a friend who’s a keen amateur photographer or trying to start their own photography business – and certainly they will cost next to nothing, but this route often opens a whole host of expensive problems in the long run. Further to the above , you’ll want someone professional who is there to do a good job, not a friend who’s more focussed on their own pictures they want to take or who can’t wait to join the party!

Once we’ve established that you’ll be wanting a professional wedding photographer for your wedding, beyond this it gets a little more tricky. It can be very difficult to compare wedding photographers based solely on price – there are so many more factors that should be influencing your decision. From quality of service to professionalism, and from quality of products to the individual personality of your wedding photographer, it’s worth considering all the factors and implications they have on your wedding day and final photos and album.

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Why Do Wedding Photographers Cost So Much?

We believe this question is a little unfair, for 2 reasons…

Firstly: Wedding photography is a profession like any other, with vast amount of costs in terms of equipment (Mykey Day Photography typically brings well over £12’000 worth of equipment to every wedding), training, insurance, man hours/time, and R&D. Also, like any other business you employ for you wedding, or indeed any other aspect of your life, there are people and their families whose income relies on a profitable business.

Whilst the weekend-warrior can shoot your wedding cheaply because they just see it as a bit of fun for a bit of extra cash, the trusted professional wedding photographer is paying his mortgage and providing for his family like any other businessman or employee.

Secondly: Wedding photographers can only shoot so many weddings a year without compromising on quality of imagery or good customer service. Simply put, it’s impossible to run a wedding photography business charging less than £1200 a wedding.

To be fair, there are many talented ‘weekend warrior’ photographers who have ‘their main day job’ but shoot weddings at the weekend as a quasi-hobby – and indeed some of them do a great job…

However, you need to ask if they have appropriate insurance, back-up cover, professional equipment, and the ability to deal with all the possible scenarios your wedding might throw at them. Public liability and professional indemnity insurance, as well as professional grade equipment backed by a strong portfolio of wedding photos from real weddings (not training courses), should be the minimum you look for at ANY price point.

A good rule of thumb is that anything less £1,200 for a full day’s coverage should be ringing alarm bells. A full-time wedding photographer in Kent (with appropriate equipment and over 100 weddings experience) will be more like that £1,500-£2,500 mark for a full day’s coverage. Elite wedding photographers may charge even more – upwards of £3,000-£4,000 – and at this point their portfolio should be wowing you into making extra allowances to have them tell the story of your day, but do make sure to meet with them in person and see a few weddings they have shot (in their entirety) so as to make sure they are worth that extra premium.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Wedding Photographer If You’re Getting Married Abroad?

If you’re getting married abroad, this can make the whole question a lot more tricky. It can be impossible to gauge the quality or ‘going rate’ of the local market of where you are getting married. Further to that, there will be additional costs of album delivery, as well as hidden costs (translators, inability to meet before the day, cultural issues) that may ultimately skew your wedding photography budget to the ‘high’ side.

The best solution is to employ a UK wedding photographer who you can meet and deal with in the UK, both before and after the wedding. This solves all the above problems, and opens up many more possibilities (such as getting a top quality wedding album or having engagement shoots in the UK or abroad).

In terms of cost, there are very many ways different photographers price a wedding abroad. We find the fairest way to maintain UK prices with 3 days accommodation and flights, as this way you are getting exactly the same products and services as if you were getting married in the UK, and only for a reasonable premium over the cost of the in-resort wedding photographer who may be an unknown quantity…

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Kent Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

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