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Kent Wedding Terms & Glossary


From ‘bespoke’ Kent Wedding packages to Cathedral Length Veils, from ‘Wedding Breakfast’ to ‘Fish Bowls’, there are some weird terms in the wedding industry to wrap your head around! Here we’ve compiled some of the more popular and more obscure terms for you to revise!

  • Backpiece– This is the decorated comb used to attach the veil.
  • Bespoke– ‘Custom built’ or ‘tailored specifically’, this is (in our opinion) an incredibly overused term in the wedding industry.  Do check if you are actually getting a ‘made to order’ service or just a selection from a pre-planned package system. (There’s nothing wrong with packages, but they are, by their very nature, not ‘bespoke’!).
  • Blusher– This is the part of the veil (often a separate piece) that covers the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.
  • Boutonierre– These are the ‘button hole’ flowers for the groom and groomsmen to wear, causing much merriment and fun candid moments before the wedding ceremony as they try to figure out how to put them on!
  • Bouquet– The bride’s flower arrangement (also see ‘Tossing Bouquet’).
  • Bridal Procession– The whole bridal party of bride, bridesmaids, and father of the bride.
  • Bridesmaids– The bride’s trusted friends and family whose job it is to support her emotionally before and during the wedding.
  • Bridal Prep To First Dance – This (along with the even vaguer ‘All Day’ term) is what some photographer/videographers use to denote the amount of ‘coverage’ they will provide on your wedding day.  This is typically a minimum of 8 hours, however do check the Terms & Conditions in case there is a much lower cap on this. (See also: ‘Coverage’).
  • Calligraphy– This is the beautiful handwriting seen on your wedding invitations.
  • Cathedral Length Veil – The longest possible variant of traditional veils, approximately: 3.2 metres.

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  • Chapel Length Veil – The length of bridal veil that reaches the floor from the head, approximately: 2.2 metres.
  • Collections – A variant on ‘Packages’ (see below), where popular options are bundled together as a starting point for you to further customise the service you want.
  • Coverage – This is the amount of time your photographer/videographer will be present throughout your wedding day.  This can either be in specific hours, or more vague terms (see ‘Bridal Prep to First Dance’).
  • Cornelli– The beautiful decorative form of icing resembling lacework on a wedding cake.
  • Corsage– The single flower attached to a lace and pinned to either the front of a woman’s dress, or at her wrist, usually worn by female relatives of the bride or groom.
  • Cummerbund– This is the broad sash worn around a man’s waist over his shirt but underneath the jacket.

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  • Dais– The podium raised from the floor and usually where the bride and groom sit during the ceremony. (Can also be used to describe the flower arrangement on the top table during the wedding reception).
  • Elbow Length Veil– The length of veil reaching the bride’s elbows.
  • Embellishments– These are extra adornments/embellishments available for altering wedding dresses. Such additions may include: ribbons, fringes, pearls, embroidery, lace, glass / crystal beads, etc…
  • Favours (Wedding Favours)– Small gifts given to all wedding guests to thank them for their attendance, and to act as a souvenir.
  • Finger Tip Length Veil– The length of veil that descends to the fingertips.
  • Fish Bowl– A center-piece of flower arrangments in a glass bowl.
  • Flower Girls – Young members of the ‘Bridal Party/Procession’ who traditionally walk down the aisle first scattering flowers on the floor.

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  • Flyaway Length Veil– Shoulder length veil that often comprises many layers.
  • Fountain Style Veil– A specific style of veil.
  • Garland– A style of wreath that is not specifically circular. (Also see: Wreath).
  • Maid Of Honour– Also sometimes called the chief bridesmaid, she is traditionally the last bridesmaid down preceding the bride.

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  • Man Of Honour– When a bride prefers a male friend to take on the duties of maid of honour, he is traditionally called a ‘Man of Honour’, however many colloquially call them ‘Best Man’ styled the same way as the groom’s Best Man.
  • Matron Of Honor– This is the technically correct term for a girl who assumes the ‘Maid of Honour’ role, but is already married. Often this is ignored and ‘Maid Of Honour’ is used anyway.
  • MUA – Abbreviation for Make-Up-Artist, one of the most important and trusted roles on the day – this professional is entrusted with making sure the Bride looks as fabulous as possible, and also getting the Bridal Party ready on time so as not to be late to the ceremony.

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  • Officiant / Registrar– The official carrying out the ceremony – with Registrar the term for those carrying out civil non-religious ceremonies.
  • Packages – A set of options from which you can choose bundled options – similar to ‘Happy Meal’ Deals at McDonalds (see also: ‘Collections’).
  • Pages or Page Boys– Young boys who traditionally follow the bride down the aisle and would help carry her train.
  • Posies– These are the small bunches of flowers that accompany (and often resemble) the bridal bouquet, carried by the Bridal Procession / Party.
  • Ring Bearer– Usually a young boy who would walk down the aisle with the bridal procession carrying an ornamental cushion with two rings tied to it. (These are traditionally not the actual wedding rings, who are kept by the best man).

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  • Snood– A snood is a net the bride may use to enclose her hair at the back of her head.
  • Tossing Bouquet– A smaller (often lighter) copy of the bride’s bouquet which can be thrown (tossed) as part of the traditional celebration. Tradition holds that whoever catches this bouquet will be the next to be married.
  • Toastmaster – An official hired to formally announce specific parts of the day.  Traditionally wears a red jacket and may bang gavels on tables before announcing speeches, courses of dinner, etc…

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  • Train– This is a (usually extremely) long extension to the wedding dress / veil that trails along the floor as the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Tulle– This is the material used to make veils and also parts of wedding dresses.
  • Wedding Breakfast– The Large meal following the ceremony – called the ‘Breakfast’ as it’s the first meal of the new marriage.

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