June Announcement for 2020 Weddings and Beyond

June Announcement for 2020 Weddings and Beyond

Engagement Sessions Back On

We are finally at a point where we are legally allowed conduct your engagement session, so we’ll be getting in touch with our ‘hot-list’ of couples with weddings coming up soon to get them booked in before the big day. If we haven’t emailed you and you think you should be on this list, please do get in touch ASAP! We’re prioritising those couples with weddings coming up the soonest, and then we’ll be re-opening to all.

Of course we will have to follow government advice on social distancing, and we are already seeing big problems with popular locations being swamped with the public out and about.  We’re enacting various policies and measures for the safety or all our clients and staff, including the following:

  • Minimum 2 Metres distance to be maintained at all times (we don’t see this being a problem or detrimental to your engagement session).
  • Many locations are overrun with the public (to levels well beyond what we saw at even the busiest times before the lockdown), and as such we will need to plan your session carefully so as to avoid cancelling on the day.
  • Whilst we now have weekend availability we’re still maintaining weekday shoots to try and avoid these large crowds at most outdoor spots so as to mitigate the very real possibility of cancelling sessions at the start.
  • Most importantly we are asking (and imploring) you to do the right thing and should you have contact with someone with symptoms (or having had symptoms yourself any time in the past 14 days) please do get in touch to postpone your session.

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Exclusive Video Offer For Those Heavily Affected By Covid-19

For many of our clients in 2020 the exceptionally difficult and crazy necessity to reschedule their wedding was thrust upon them by circumstances not of their making – and to make things worse, many companies have profiteered by charging rescheduling fees and other increased costs, making the situation all the more depressing.  We know it must have been incredibly frustrating to have rescheduled your wedding, and we want to do everything we can to help in these frustrating times! As such, for a limited time we are offering our clients forced to reschedule an offer for videography services should they decide they want them.

Hopefully by now you will have seen we offer industry leading and nationally recognised wedding cinematography, above and beyond all of our competitors.  We already offered our photography clients a big discount when booking together, but now we’re offering a further discount to those affected in this way where they have not already booked videography with us, in case it helps at this difficult time.

Hopefully you can see this is a heartfelt gesture from us to all our clients caught up in this crazy situation – with many opportunists taking more money from you than they should for something that was not your fault.  For more reasons to book, and further information on why we’ve already leap-frogged all other videography/cinematography companies in the south-east, check out the link below!

[ Offer Ends 01-08-2020 ]


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