June 2021 News Update – Rescheduling Fees & More

June 2021 Update | Covid Weddings After June 21st 2021

In February 2021, the UK Government announcedROADMAP for easing restrictions in England, as we approach the final date of June 21st there is some concern and rumblings that this final stage may be delayed. The relaxing of measures may be put off by a few weeks, and as we understand it this would mean weddings would continue to be limited to 30 guests.  What does this all mean?

Possibility of Delay in Easing of Restrictions in England

With the possibility of delay to the final stage in the easing of lockdown, is worth looking at what this means.  As we understand it, the current situation of weddings restricted to 30 guests will continue until the new easing of lockdown date is released.

We’ve Shot Many Weddings Under Lockdown Conditions

Just as Boris Johnsson got married under current rules, so have we shot many weddings under current restrictions in the Spring of 2021.  We’re happy to report that these have been amongst some of the best weddings we have ever shot! Whether it’s because of the ability to follow a more streamlined and fun timeline, or just because our clients have kept the guest list laser focused on their most cherished and dearest, we’ve noticed these covid weddings to be some of the best amongst all those we have shot in over a decade of UK Weddings!

There’s more information in our blog posts/news section with what is currently possible at weddings under UK Law, and we encourage you to check this information out and be prepated!


Moving Your Wedding Date – New Rescheduling Fees & Price Increases

We have been on the front lines in this pandemic, rescheduling well over 50 wedding dates (often multiple times) and many more engagement sessions and various meetings at no additional cost.  As a goodwill gesture we have rescheduled these weddings at no extra cost or price increase in recognition of the difficulties we all face. Unfortunately, as the situation progresses we are no longer able to offer this goodwill gesture.

Rescheduling weddings not only directly costs us a lot of money in real terms, but also constitutes an ‘opportnuity cost’ of new bookings that everyone in the wedding industry desparetly needs moving forward.  Already we have had to turn down 5 new enquiries for just one date in August 2021 for a rescheduled wedding.  We have also turned down potential business on dates we are currently booked, only for our current clients to reschedule their wedding anyway.

Rescheduling Your Wedding

For the above reasons we are no longer in a position to offer free reschedulings of wedding dates where the original date is not directly cancelled due to government restriction.  Moving forward it is with great regret we must charge £500 rescheduling fee on top of any difference in price from the original contract price and the current 2021 pricelist.  Any discounts applied at time of booking (excluding engagement session or videography add-on discounts) will also unfortunately not be able to be carried over.

Simply put: where your wedding or event can take place on the original date (or currently agreed rescheduled date), if you decide for whatever reason other than government mandated cancellation to reschedule your wedding, we must recoup our lost costs and charge the above fees.  This is a fee we rescinded as a goodwill gesture (amongst other payment deferrments and goodwill gestures) to all our clients at the start of covid-19, but one we must regretably re-enforce.

If you decide you do not wish to carry us forward to your new wedding date, we more than understand and please do get in touch to discuss cancellation – but please do be aware that this would not be a ‘frustrated contract’ as in this case we would still be able to perform the services you hired us to do on your original (or rescheduled) date, and thus our standard cancellation terms and conditions would apply.

Visit Our News Page For More Information And To Keep Up To Date!

For further details from the UK Government’s ROADMAP as it becomes clear, and more information about weddings in general as well as related to Covid restrictions in the UK, click and bookmark the link below to stay up to date!

[CLICK HERE to see what’s going on and to keep up to date on the latest info about covid weddings in England]

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