In These Uncertain Times | Covid May Update

In These Uncertain Times… A May 2020 Update


What We’ve Been Up To

It’s been incredibly busy here with a higher workload than in normal times.  Here’s a small taste of what we’ve been up to:

  • We’ve successfully rescheduled over 20 weddings and are currently working with more clients to preserve their most special day for them.
    • We’ve managed to do this without charging rescheduling fees, or similar, ensuring we all take a fair bite of the pain that this pandemic is inflicting upon all of us.
  • We’ve increased capacity for wedding coverage towards both the end of this year, and throughout next year, for our clients who need to reschedule and other wedding couples who have been let down by their wedding venue and/or photographer.
  • We’ve managed to help secure big discounts for our clients who are being charged excessively by wedding venues and other suppliers for rescheduling their wedding.  From conversations and advice or recommendations we’ve given, we’ve saved our clients over £9’000 (and counting) from wedding venues charging rescheduling fees or similar.
  • We’ve kept our clients up-to-date on the latest goings-on in the industry, in order to ensure they are not bamboozled by venues and suppliers taking advantage of the situation.
  • We’ve worked with some of our clients 1-on-1 giving them the benefit of our many years of professional experience within the wedding industry (and all our insider knowledge) to help them deal with difficult venues and suppliers, securing amicable outcomes for them; including:
    • Ditching suppliers who are profiteering off of the change of dates by securing different better suppliers for them.
    • Talking through the possibilities with venues who stubbornly refuse to talk about rescheduling weddings despite the apparent necessity.
    • Helping clients secure like-for-like summer dates for their rescheduled weddings, despite the venues’ tactics of attempting to offload winter dates for rescheduling summer wedding clients.


Response Times

As you can see from the above it’s been a far busier period than during normal times despite the curtailment to our normal business activities.  For this reason we are asking all our clients to bear with us as we work with those clients most in need (urgently rescheduling weddings).  A few other points we’ll kindly remind you of:

  • We maintain office hours of approximately 10:30am-5pm on weekdays and do not work weekends.  We’ve had more than a few clients calling late of an evening or on a Friday and wondering why we don’t immediately call them back – this is why. The only time we work weekends is when we are shooting weddings or wedding fairs, and obviously we are not taking calls during these times.
  • Our response time in normal circumstances to all correspondence is 1-2 working days.  Even during these hectic times we are more or less managing this, but please do bear with us if this takes longer for non-urgent correspondence.
  • When leaving a voicemail please do state the reason for your call – this will allow us to prioritise important messages and get back to you with the right information to hand.
  • We do not reply to text messages, Facebook messages, Instagram, telegram, whatsapp, etc... As with over 40+ couples a year this is impossible to handle, we ask that you do please e-mail or call.

Our Policies for Engagement Sessions

Luckily, thanks to our shout-outs over last November and December, most of our clients took advantage and we have managed to get the vast majority of 2020’s timeline meetings and engagement sessions completed before the quarantine even came close to starting.   For those with 2020 weddings who have yet to have these sessions we are currently waiting to see whether restrictions will reduce in June or July in order to carry them out for you. We aren’t able to book anything in until we know when and how restrictions will be lifted and therefore what we will be able to do and when.

As and when we find out we are able to carry on we’ll be contacting our clients and booking them in on the basis of wedding proximity (the sooner the wedding the higher the priority for example).

Our Policies for Rescheduling Weddings

You will have booked us to perform a particular service on a particular date but as a goodwill gesture owing to the extraordinary circumstances we are allowing rescheduling of bookings to future dates at no additional cost, this is our goodwill gesture to you in light of these difficult circumstances. We have successfully done this now with all clients from March through June, and expect to have the capacity for many more who may need or want to do so.

When rescheduling we are happy to change the date and simply move our contracts over to the new date with no additional fees or circumstances.  However the original payment due dates (the physical dates stated on your contract) will still apply in order for us to secure your new date.

Understandably we have had many clients contacting us trying to reschedule their weddings to late 2020 and 2021 and beyond.  We are operating on a first-come-first-served basis and have plenty of capacity to cater for a large number of dates, all we ask is that you contact at the first instance of being offered dates from your venue (they are usually offering 3 or 4 possibilities) and we can confirm our availability on those dates.  Once you have confirmed your new date please let us know ASAP so we can move the contracted date over for you.

For obvious reasons we are unable to hold dates very long, or ‘pencil in’ dates, we can only move your booking to your new date once you have confirmed the move in writing.

Unfortunately we are unable to release ‘dates we are currently free’ as we have already found that dates we give to one client are then booked by another leading to massive disappointment and disruption to their plans. For this reason, we are not disclosing our diary dates, but ask you to contact us once you have decided on dates you would like to move to.



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