How To Share Wedding Photos On Facebook And Online

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How To Share Wedding Photos Online


“The more we share, the more we have…”  Leonard Nimoy

A world-class Wedding Photographer doesn’t just hand over a disk or USB images to you and then wave you on your way, no – they are with you throughout your enjoyment of those images. Whether it’s ordering prints, canvases, album design, or even sharing images to Facebook – a good wedding photographer cares about your images and the way you use them. As such we’ve added to our Tips & Tricks series with this short blurb on the common mistakes people make when sharing images online…

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Tag Mykey Day Photography on Facebook & Instagram!

We always share Sneak Peeks of your big day as we edit your photos to get you excited before we have your images and wedding album design back to you (usually in under 2-3 weeks!) We’ll tag you in these photos where possible, and we welcome it if you do the same when you share your own photos online! @mykeydayphotography is our tag/handle in the social world. We love seeing our clients share and enjoy their images!

Sharing Your Own Wedding Photos on Facebook & Instagram

When it comes to sharing images online Facebook has some super weird compression built in whenever you upload or share a photo, and these can really pixelate and ruin your images. Your Wedding Photographer should give you ‘web-ready’ images, and not to worry, when we post your USB to you our images are already ‘Facebook ready’ for both traditional printing and also uploading to Facebook and online!

Don’t screenshot photos on Facebook!!!!

This one’s really important so we’ll repeat it again: Don’t screenshot photos on Facebook!!!!

The reason being: when you screenshot an image you are basically ‘taking a picture of a picture’ and when you come to share it again, it will pixelate insanely badly….

The best practice is to hold your finger on the picture (or click the options button in the corner, depending upon your phone) and select ‘save image’.  This should save the original image and then when you share this copy, the quality should still hold up.

The occasion we most often see our clients running into this problem is when we share the above-mentioned ‘sneak-peeks’ from your wedding day, screen-shotting an image to share it on their own facebook as an announcement or formal thank you.  However, we can’t stress enough how bad the screen-shotted image will looking in comparison to our original facebook post – and correctly saving the image with ‘save image’ button solves this problem!

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Sharing Photos With Your Venue & Other Suppliers?

Often our brides are inundated with requests for photos from various suppliers – the wedding car company, the Toastmaster, your Hair Stylist and MUA, any everyone else may all get in touch asking for wedding images from your day to use on their Facebook or website. We even find venues and wedding planning websites (like Hitched) get in touch with our brides when we shoot at a venue for the first time, as our images are usually something amazing they haven’t seen before and would love use of the images.

The thing is, their request for your images amounts to commercial use for which Mykey Day Photography should be paid or at least credited. Furthermore – what a HASSLE to have to go find those images and send them to all the different suppliers who ask. For this reason we strongly recommend you simply say “Mykey Day was our photographer” and have them get in touch! We’re always more than happy to share images (with your permission) as long as we get a mention or appropriate credit.

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Kent & Surrey Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

Your Wedding Day will never be as important to anyone else as it is to you, but trust us when we say – your wedding will be crucially important to us as well! Please browse our website for examples of our work, and we look forward to making your wedding photographs special too.

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