How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

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When To Book Your Wedding Photographer

We’ve mentioned many times before when looking for the best wedding photographer that usually the best ones are booked up 1-2 years in advance.  Often if you are looking to book a wedding photographer for your wedding in Kent or London with only six months or less, then you really are going to struggle. That being said, the best wedding photographers only shoot 25-30 weddings a year and as such may have availability for your date.

Q: If I book closer to the time, will I get a discount for my wedding photographer?

I’m afraid that really is a big fat no, as the best wedding photographers are busy enough that it doesn’t matter when you are looking to book.  In fact, they may be so busy that season that even if they are free on your particular date – they may still turn your wedding down as they have too much work going on.

2018-Creatives-Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Creatives-2017-18-Gallery-Kent-Wedding-Venues-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-4a How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

Moral of the story…?

Make sure you book your wedding photographer as soon as possible.  Don’t skimp on your research or making sure you have found the right wedding photographer for you – but once you have found one of the best – don’t delay in booking them!

Further to this, the best wedding photographers will ask to have a timeline consultation and venue walk-around with you – so as to maximise your photography on your wedding day.  If you book too late, then you won’t be able to take full advantage of this service.   Also if you would like an engagement session, then the sooner you book – the more time you have to book in your session (bearing in mind the English Weather!), this also will give you plenty of time to pick your favourite images for your engagement guest book.

St-Augustines-Westgate-on-sea-Wedding-Photography-Kent-Wedding-Photographer-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-47 How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

Are You Looking To Book The Best Wedding Photographer In Kent?


The short answer is: Once you have booked your wedding venue and date, its time to find the right photographer. We often hear couples at wedding fairs say “oh we’re only getting married in 1-2 years” but unfortunately, as mentioned above with a top Kent Wedding Photographer that may not be much time at all. In fact it’s easily something we should add to our top ten misconceptions about weddings. Our 2018-19 diary shows us over 80% booked with most peak date weekends already booked. Indeed we are already booking 2020 wedding dates!

We’re Almost Fully Booked With Weddings In Kent, London, and Beyond…

To book your first choice photographer, don’t delay and contact your favourite photographer asap. Here at Mykey Day Photography we love weddings and we love working with our clients to tell the story of their most special day for them – and too often we find ourselves saying  “Sorry but we are already booked on that date…” to clients we would love to be working with…

2018-Creatives-Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Creatives-2017-18-Gallery-Kent-Wedding-Venues-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-23 How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

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