Hever Castle Gardens Wedding | Antonia & Tony

Hever Castle Wedding

Antonia & Tony

Hever Castle is such a fantastic venue for a wedding and we were spoilt for choice making wedding photography for this fantastic couple at Hever Castle Gardens!

Hever Castle Gardens Wedding Photography

Hever Castle Gardens: Antonia & Tony’s Sunny May Celebration
As a Kent wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed many beautiful weddings, but the union of Antonia and Tony at Hever Castle Gardens was truly out of a storybook. Set in the heart of Kent, the castle’s gardens bloomed in full splendour, providing a stunning canvas for wedding photography.
The day began with Antonia getting ready in the company of her mother, two lively bridesmaids, and three adorable flower girls. The excitement was palpable as they shared laughter and love, preparing for the momentous occasion. Antonia, radiant and full of joy, stepped into her dress as the morning sun cast a heavenly glow through the small castle windows, perfect for capturing those precious wedding photography moments.
Meanwhile, Tony and his brother, who bore an uncanny resemblance to each other, along with his groomsmen, added a touch of humour to the day. Their camaraderie shone through in every photo, their laughter echoing through the halls of the castle, making my job as a Kent wedding photographer not just easy, but thoroughly enjoyable.
The ceremony itself was a testament to their love, held under the clear ancient stones of Hever Castle. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, with the sun smiling down on the couple as they exchanged vows. The gardens of Hever Castle, with their lush greenery and vibrant flowers, created a magical setting that any wedding photographer dreams of.
As the day progressed, the celebration continued with an air of elegance and merriment, a string quintet perfect as background music to the wedding festivities. The connection between Antonia and Tony was evident in every glance and gesture, a connection that I aimed to immortalize through my lens. The joyous atmosphere was a wedding photographer’s delight, with every moment presenting an opportunity to capture the essence of their special day.
The evening culminated in a spectacular display of fireworks, lighting up the night sky and reflecting the explosive happiness of the newlyweds and their guests. It was a fitting end to a day filled with laughter, love, and unforgettable memories. The wedding of Antonia and Tony was a remarkable event that showcased the best of Kent wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, it was an honour to document their journey and provide them with images that they will cherish for a lifetime. If you’re planning your wedding in Kent, remember that the right photographer can capture not just pictures, but the soul of your celebration.

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Hever Castle Gardens Wedding Photos

We were honoured and privileged to tell the story of their most wonderful day together. See below some for our favourites from their beautiful wedding…
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We were very lucky to work with some of Kent & London’s Top Wedding Suppliers at this wedding, please see below for the list of suppliers involved:

Destination & Kent Wedding Photographer: Mykey Day Photography

Destination & Kent Wedding Videographer: Mykey Day Videography

Destination & Kent Wedding Venue: Hever Castle Gardens

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