Great Wedding Photos In The Rain

Being a great wedding photographer means that you don’t just take great pictures on beautiful sunny days, but you also make stunning pictures on rainy days. A lot of planning and thought goes into your wedding photography with Mykey Day Photography, but as much as we’d like to we can’t control the weather!  Please find below some tips on how to make the best of your wedding day, whatever the weather!

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Getting Amazing Wedding Photographs on Rainy Days

On a wedding day there is simply no such thing as ‘bad weather’!  Whether you believe it to be good luck or not to have rainy or cloudy weather, some brides simply melt down at the thought of their wedding day not happening in tropical sunshine!  But this shouldn’t be the case, as with appropriate planning you and your wedding photographer should already have an ‘inside’ option ready to go.  Add to that, the most beautiful wedding images happen come rain or shine, and with just a bit of planning, your wedding photos will be all the more amazing with rain or storm clouds.

This does mean, however, you’ll need to be happy with getting a little wet. After all, this is ‘your day’, so it it’s a wet one – embrace that fact!  If you want to stay completely dry you’re going to miss out on some stunning digital photography and wonderful creative rainy photos.  If you’re unsure about the weather on your wedding day (maybe it’s a winter wedding, or expecting spring showers), make sure to ask your wedding photographer what experience they have with photographing rainy weddings.  If you followed our advice and got an experienced professional, then they should easily assure you with examples of their previous wonderful wet wedding photos. Even if it’s a massive downpour on your wedding day, rest assured your photographer will get you some fantastic photos!

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Tips & Tricks: Things to Remember on a Wet Rainy Wedding Day


Our top ten tips for making stunning wedding photos on a rainy wedding day:

  1. Checking the Weather Forecast. No matter which service you use, in our experience weather reports are rarely better than 20% accurate over 48 hours before the wedding day – so don’t sweat it until closer to the day.
  2. Whatever the forecast be prepared! Our beautiful English weather is certainly changeable so always have a Plan A, and a Plan B. We’ve lost count of the number of wet horrible days that turned to stunning sunshine during the ceremony! If it turns out it is raining though, buckle up for a fun ride as you’re in store for stunning rainy wedding photos!
  3. Bring a brolly! Make sure it’s white or cream coloured and large enough for the two of you!  Usually the best venues have stocks of these to hand….
  4. However brightly coloured funky umbrellas can look awesome with your bridesmaids and family!
  5. Have an inside plan. The best wedding photographers have planned with you for inside options in the event of wet weather.
  6. Shoes: We always tell our brides to bring extra comfortable shoes for the creatives session, and on a rainy day they’ll come in super handy!  Why not even pack some wellies for truly funky photos?
  7. Accessorise. If you’re planning a winter wedding then think about incorporating a bolero, jacket, or wrap into your wedding dress ensemble.  Make sure to choose matching garments so that you can keep warm and look stunning in your wedding album.
  8. Waterproof Mascara is also a life-saver in the rain!
  9. Utilise the Bridal Party. Being a Bridesmaids or Best Man is a great honour – but with all great honours come great responsibilities! And on your wedding day, let them know they’ll be getting wet outside with you holding your umbrella in the rain!
  10. Smile.  We always say it’s our mission to tell the story of your day in the most stunning and creative way possible, and if part of that story is rain, we’re going to embrace that – and you should too! Smile and enjoy the most wonderful day of your relationship together, trust us, if you get into the swing of things and embrace it you’ll always remember the rain on your wedding day looking happy and loving it in your wedding photographs.

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