Getting Married in Rome

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We’ve mentioned before how Rome, AKA ‘The Eternal City’ is a fairytale destination wedding location with so many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. With so many stunning locations for wedding photos, you might be lost and not know where to start planning your Roman Wedding! Having visited Rome several times over the last few years for weddings, pre-wedding shoots, and timeline consultations / wedding venue consults, we’ve picked up a few tips & tricks we present to you here as our quick guide to planning a wedding in Rome.


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Weddings in Rome

Getting Married in Rome?

Are you planning to marry in Rome? Hopefully this photo gallery will give you a good idea of the stunning wedding photography possible in Italy’s beautiful capitol.  You will certainly have the most unforgettable experience with a wedding in Rome, also known as the Eternal city, which is one of the USA and UK’s top destination wedding locations.

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Civil Ceremony in Rome

Rome has copious number of halls, villas, and gardens where you can marry.  With appealing views, wonderful architecture, and ancient monuments as the backdrop to your wedding, getting married in Rome is certainly an unforgettable experience.

Until 2015 there were only four locations available for civil ceremonies in Rome: the Sala Rossa, the Complesso Vignola Mattei (ex Santa Maria in Tempulo), a deconsecrated church dedicated to civil marriages near the Terme di Caracalla, Villa Lais in Piazza Cagliero, and the Sala Azzurra, in the Piazza Regina Pacis in Ostia.

However a new law was passed in October 2015 allowing a vast number of new locations to host civil ceremonies in Rome, with only a few restrictions, opening a whole host of opportunities for locations to get married in Rome.

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Religious Ceremony in Rome

Rome is obviously a super popular location for weddings, both from local citizens getting married and also from Americans and English having their fairytale wedding in Italy’s beautiful capital!  This does mean, however, that the waiting list can be up to 3 or 4 years depending upon the location and wedding date.

Catholic Ceremonies are the most common in Rome as this is Italy’s largest religion.  Things to note about Catholic Wedding in Rome are that only sacred music is allowed at any time, and bare shoulders are not allowed for brides or guests inside Catholic Churches during the ceremony or at any other times.

Some Churches we have seen first hand and heartily recommend: San Giovanni a Porta Latina, Santa Maria in Cosmedin, a Greek Orthodox church near the Bocca della Verità, San Giorgio in Velabro, Santa Francesca Romana, a baroque church in the Roman Forum, Dio Padre Misericordioso (The Millennium Church), a very modernist church designed by American architect Richard Meier, San Giorgio in Velabro (near the Bocca della Verità).

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Protestant Ceremonies in Rome are also very common.  As well as being regarded by many as the “capital of Catholicism”, Rome does of course cater to many denominations.  Rome has a vibrant protestant community with many churches for each denomination. Anglican weddings are possible in various locations in the centre of Rome, as well as several other non-denominational churches where it is possible to plan your special day.  Non-Catholic weddings are also possible in any one of the amazing villa’s and castles surrounding Rome – and like the wedding we shot recently at the Villa Borghese in May 2016, they tend to have beautiful scenic views of either the glorious Roman countryside, or the skyline of Roma itself.

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Gay Weddings in Rome

Gay weddings (civil ceremonies) were approved and allowed by law in Italy in May 2016 (Mykey happened to be shooting a wedding there at the same time and was able to partake in the celebrations in the Gay Street of Roma near his hotel), but the uptake of couples taking part has been relatively low.  The first Gay Wedding Fair took place in Rome in September 2016, and was widely seen as a success although the gay population of Rome and Italy are still getting used to the idea of gay marriage, in the face of resistance from anti-gay movements who persist in resisting the change in the law (in a way more virulent than seen in other EU countries after gay marriage legalisation).

Mykey’s experience of wedding vendors and suppliers in Rome has been overwhelmingly gay positive, with many businesses seeing the new stream of potential business as a huge positive.  There has, however, been a huge learning curve as the gay community (a vibrant community with a strong culture of its own) adapts to an industry not used to serving them, and also vice versa.  Nonetheless, the vast majority of wedding suppliers you might encounter will most likely be gay-friendly.

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Wedding Photography in Rome

Wedding Photography Locations in Rome

The Vatican

Home to Il Papa, and the head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican is it’s own country and State in it’s own right – serviced mainly by the authorities of Rome proper itself.  The lead up to the Vatican from the direction of the Castel Sant Angelo is one of the most beautiful spots in the city…

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Giardino degli Aranci

A small medieval park holding the Orange Gardens in Rome is a wonderful location for a romantic sunset photo on your wedding day!

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Castel Sant Angelo

Famous backdrop to many films and movies, including Angels & Demons with Tom Hanks, the Castel Sant Angelo is a brilliant choice for photos by day or night…

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The Colosseum 

This Ancient Amphitheatre is perhaps the most iconic landmark in Rome, perhaps in the whole of Italy itself.  The Colosseum is actually very difficult to photography owing to its large size and enclosed location, but the best wedding photographers know the locations and tricks to get amazing wedding photos by this well known spot.

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Night-Time Wedding Photography in Rome

As a huge tourist attraction, Rome is full of tourists year round, and it’s recommended that you consider night time photos in Rome for the best results!

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Villa Borghese

The largest park and public space in Rome, the Villa Borghese is huge, so make sure to get to know a good Rome Wedding Photographer who knows the many wonderful locations in this large beautiful garden in the centre of Rome.

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