February 2021 Update | Covid Restrictions on Weddings Lifted!

February 2021 Update! Corona Restrictions on Weddings Lifted!

A warm hello to all our beautiful clients past, present, and future!

Save The Date – Weddings Resume from 21st June 2021!

By now you will have no doubt seen that the government will be lifting lockdown restrictions no sooner than 21st June 2021.  We highlight the ‘no sooner than’ because it is important to note that the date is not set in stone. That being said, if we all stick together and get vaccinated, it’s a very real possibility that life will return close to normal by this date!

Getting in touch – we’ve had a deluge of messages!

With such wonderful news we are getting deluged with messages asking what we can and cannot do during lockdown so let me give you the info you need!

  • We’re reshceduling remaining weddings affected by lockdown, and as we have done for almost a year now we are doing so at NO EXTRA COST OR FEES.  Once restrictions are lifted we will be revising this, but encourage you to get in touch if you are still affected by lockdown!
  • We CAN also still provide for you amazing quality photo products, whether you are a previous customer or new!
  • We CAN do commercial work, which includes headshots, product photography, images for marketing and model portfolio sessions.
  • We CONTINUE to provide international level training on many different aspects of photography – find out more on the website! Whether you are brand new to photography, or a seasoned professional, we have training packages for you!
  • MOST importantly, we are taking bookings from April onwards but understandably our diary is VERY busy as we have lots of sessions booked in for people who missed out on a photoshoot in 2020 and want to get in this year. 

[CLICK HERE to see more things we’ve been doing to help our clients and the wedding industry in these crazy times]

Please bear in mind with any announcment like this we are inundated with lots of messages and it’s difficult to reply to all of them in the prompt manner we normally do – however Mykey is still here for you all so if you want to get in touch please contact us!

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Payments Still Frozen Until April!

We’ve had a couple of clients attempting to make payments despite our payments freeze so we’re reminding you once again that we are deferring all payments until April 2021. Please contact us before making any payment – even if it is a scheduled payment. We’re not accepting any payments at the moment due to changing banks so please do get in touch before making any payment!

Once again: We ask that you do not make ANY payments to us without speaking to us in advance – we cannot guarantee the bank details on the back of your contract will still be valid


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Your Family memories will never be as important to anyone else as they are to you, but trust us when we say – your moments will be crucially important to us as well! Please browse our website for examples of our work, and we look forward to making your family photographs special too.

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