Family Photo Sessions in Kent & London

Family Photo Sessions in Kent & London

Family Photo Sessions are a Brilliant idea for so many reasons that we couldn’t possibly list them all here… But the headlines are: precious moments come and go, and you’ll want to remember them all forever!  In particular, our clients love the idea of a family photo shoot each year to document the story of their family/lives as they grow.  Not to mention, as Christmas gifts go – this is a brilliant one and a no-brainer for those struggling to decide what to get for the other half for Christmas or other special occasions!

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Family Photo Shoots For Christmas in Kent & London

Family is everything, whilst friends and colleagues come and go – family is forever. As time passes, you and your family will grow together, encountering great moments and milestones that you will want to record and remember for a lifetime…

Nothing is more precious than family, and with the right photographer you can capture memories and milestones that you will then be able to share and relive together for a lifetime… If you would like to know why family portraits are not just important, but a non-negotiable part of your annual calendar, read on to see why you should book your family photo session as soon as possible!

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Why Have Family Photos?

If, like us, you love your family and have a special place for them in your heart – it really is criminal if you have not had a family photo session together.  Unfortunately life goes faster as time goes on, and it won’t be long before it’s too late – so read below to see why a family photo shoot should be an ‘essential’ must-have in your family calendar…

As wedding photographers, we often find it more than just amusing when weddings are hijacked by family members insisting on 30-40+ family photo combinations as well as their own little mini-family photo sessions in that precious little time you have at your wedding to speak with friends and family before the wedding breakfast starts.  We always make the (100% true) joke that the reason for this is because they are too lazy to organise a proper family photo shoot and find your wedding and your pre-paid wedding photographer a handy substitute!  And whilst we would never suggest you ‘shouldn’t’ have all the family photos you want at your own wedding, of course this is important, but that’s the very point: family photos are an essential, and shouldn’t only happen at the odd family wedding here and there!

We have started documenting the lives of our clients from the very start of their family (the wedding day) and suggest once a year that they take a session to document that next chapter in their lives!  Whether its the newest family member addition of a little one, or documenting the hobbies and skills of your family members (your piano playing daughter, your sports star son) we want to capture it all for you!

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Further awesome reasons why you should consider family photo sessions include:

Creating Memories

As we said above, it often takes a lot (such as a wedding) to get family to come together, and it really is a shame.  Life is to be lived, shared, and enjoyed together, so your family photo shoot will be the excuse needed to come together and not only document and share those milestones from the year and from life – but also the opportunity to make some unique lasting memories in the process.

As anybody who has worked with Mykey before knows, Mykey Day Photography photo shoots are not boring affairs – they are super fun, dynamic, and enjoyable in and of themselves. After all, anyone can make iphone selfies and camera on tripod timer pictures – but these pictures never win awards or get featured on Pinterest.  Only an artist can ‘make’ those moments happen for you…

Selfies Suck

There. We said it.  These days we get a lot of people saying “why do we need a good/professional/any photographer when camera phones are so good?!” and that’s fine, people are entitled to their opinion – even when it’s sooooo wrong.  There’s a reason why despite the economy still tanking, and the wedding industry is in recession, that Mykey Day Photography’s bookings are higher than ever… And that’s because our clients ‘get it’.

What do they ‘get’? They ‘get it’ that anybody in the world can ‘take’ a picture.  And thanks to dumb luck, they’ll even take some amazing pictures.  But only a professional artist can ‘make’ a great picture. Consistently delivering stunning images that are not only aesthetically good, but that also bring out the personalities of the people and the moment in them – that’s an art, and that’s why you pay an artist, instead of relying on dumb luck…

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Documenting Your Family Story

Having a family photo shoot each year is the only way to truly document that most epic of stories – the story of your lives! it’s not just a fun way to see how everyone is growing and changing over the year, it’s an incredible story that you will want to remember every moment of… Whether it’s the new additions and new looks of the family members, or the hobbies, passions, and personalities that those family members possess – it’s important to tell the story of your lives, not just snap what everyone looks like.

What does this involve? Whether it’s the son and his amazing new talent at guitar, or the daughter and her gymnastics medals, it could be the mum’s new small business making cakes or ebay sales, or dad’s newest hobby of fishing, golf, or motor sports… These are all parts of your lives that define you, and you should think about remembering the things that define you – not just the way you looked each year…


Fine-Art Photography As Art – Not Lost Inside Your Phone

We promise high-quality, momentous and captivating images that will last a lifetime. And whilst you’ll get all the digital copies to keep and print forever more, we can also provide the fine-art prints, the home wall-art canvases and acrylic prints, as well as your family photo story/picture book each year to collect and maintain the story of your lives together.  Too often people take pictures that are lost inside huge phone albums and never seen again, or that just look plain awful when printed – leave it with us to provide the products that you will want to collect and treasure forever!



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How Often Should We Have A Family Photo Shoot?

We suggest at a very minimum once every two years, but the ideal is once a year.  Furthermore, should there be a special occasion or milestone in your lives, a graduation, a sweet 16th, a farewell party to a family member emigrating, then it’s time to call Mykey.

Where Can We Have Our Family Photo Session?

Where possible we always suggest the family home, after-all, this is the stage upon which the play of your families’ lives is set! At Christmas with the decorations up, and all the mementos to hand, this is a great setting for us to document your lives together.  Having said that, we do need some space in order to make the best photos possible for you – and even the biggest of English houses are notoriously small (especially considering how much we pay over here compared to Europe!!!).  As a rule of thumb, if you have a room of 30 square meters or greater, then we should have enough room to play.  Otherwise for Christmas we organise a mini-studio for our family photo sessions with Christmas Tree, decorations, and presents – or throughout the year we can easily find a suitable studio or location for you.  Do chat with us and we can let you know what’s best for you.

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When Should We Have Our Family Photo Session?

We always suggest having your family photo session around Christmas time when the family are likely to be coming together anyway.  We block-book the first two weeks of December where we have dedicated slots for family photo sessions and making memories for our clients.  This way each year our clients can book in and get their next chapter documented, and we even provide our family photo books with the date on the spine so you can place the story of your lives on the bookshelf in the correct order!

Further to the above, of course as and when any milestone approaches, or if you missed your Christmas family photo shoot, we provide family photo sessions all year round! (Did someone say summer family picnic in the park?)

What Should We Wear And What Will We Do In Our Big Family Portraits?

Each session is different and should be unique to you, but as a guideline: having two-three sets of clothes is a good idea.  One formal clothes for that formal family portrait as well as individual portraits of you all.  One more casual set of clothes for informal lifestyle fun photos.  One crazy and fun set, for example the whole family in pyjamas – or perhaps those terrible Christmas jumpers??? Finally, if your son is captain of the sports team, or your daughter just won a gymnastics award, maybe they can also have some in their uniforms?  This is a great time to also get double-duty out of those expensive prom-dresses and suits!

Should We Get Our Make-Up Done?

This isn’t strictly necessary, but obviously you will want to look your best in your pictures.  If you’re comfortable with your own style then go for it, otherwise get a professional involved – just make sure to let them know the types of photos we’ll be making so the make-up look matches the tone of the photos you want!

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How Long Will Our Family Photo Session Take?

Our family photo sessions are typically 1-2 hours, which may seem like a long time but trust us – the time will fly by! We’ll extract the most memorable moments we can in this time for you, and if we think we’ll need more time to do it then we’ll let you know!

What Will We Get From Our Family Photographer?

Our Family Photo sessions are typically 1-2 hour sessions at home or a location special to you, delivering images of your family that tell the story of your lives. There are no watermarks and no problems with you printing your own images.  If you opt for our booked collection you’ll also receive one of our ‘family heirloom photo books’ which typically hold 10-12 of your most important images – with various cover options available.  We also offer fine-art prints and canvases of your most favourite images that you’ll want out on display at home.

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I’m Convinced – How Do We Book?

Contact us today to nook your slot – our Christmas Family photo session slots are limited so don’t delay and get in touch to take the first step in documenting the story of ‘you’…

Click here to contact us and discuss your family story needs…

Family Photography | Those Special Moments

If, like us, you love your family and have a special place for them in your heart – it really is criminal if you have not had a family photo session together.  Unfortunately life go faster as time goes on, and it won’t be long before it’s too late – so don’t delay and book your family photo session today!

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Christmas & Family Photographer Mykey Day

Your Family memories will never be as important to anyone else as they are to you, but trust us when we say – your moments will be crucially important to us as well! Please browse our website for examples of our work, and we look forward to making your family photographs special too.

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