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July 2020 Newsletter Weddings and Engagements in Kent & London

Engagement Sessions Are Back On

Having more-or-less cleared our ‘hot-list’ of clients with rapidly upcoming weddings we’re now booking for all our clients wanting engagement sessions!  To book please get in touch ASAP to book in your slot.  Please do be aware that as weddings start again in August/September our availability will go down to zero as we work with the many rescheduled weddings we are servicing so better to book today for as soon as possible.

If you have a 2021 wedding then please do get in touch for your engagement session NOW as our 2021 is now more or less fully booked with rescheduled weddings, and we can not guarantee any availability in 2021 for engagement sessions (all weekends are already gone and weekdays are extremely limited).

As before we will be following government advice on social distancing, and we do be aware that both popular locations and smaller parks are being swamped with many people out and about enjoying trying to enjoy the summer.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Minimum 2 Metres distance to be maintained at all times (we don’t see this being a problem or detrimental to your engagement session).
  • We will need to work with you to choose locations where we believe it is safe and in-line with government guidance to carry out your engagement session.
  • Most importantly we are asking (and imploring) you to do the right thing and should you have contact with someone with symptoms (or having had symptoms yourself any time in the past 14 days) please do get in touch to postpone your session.

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Thinking of Booking Your Engagement Session Today? Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Might Regret Not Having a Pre-Wedding Photo Session on Your Wedding Day…

  1. Engagement sessions are a brilliant way to get over the nerves of having your picture taken (you’re not alone, no-one likes having their picture taken!), in particular the not-knowing-what-to-do or what will happen on the wedding day.  Many couples (grooms in particular) actively DREAD this part of their wedding day, but with our clients we find they actively look forward to the photos as they know what’s going to happen and they are so fun.
  2. Whilst we can still take fantastic images on your wedding day without the benefit of a pre-wedding photo session, going through the process in a relaxed and slow-pace environment makes for more time on the wedding day devoted to the most spectacular photos possible.
  3. By having a wide range of photos in different styles on your engagement session, you will have a chance to see what you do and don’t like – and you might even be surprised by your own preferences!



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