Engagement Sessions and Photo Shoots Abroad – Come Join us!

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Engagement and Bridal Sessions Abroad

Shopping in the Piazza Di Spagna? Strolling down the Via Apia? Have you thought about having your pre-wedding engagement session or post-bridal photos taken abroad?   Then look no further, as Mykey Day Photography offers our clients to meet us abroad to create stunning wedding photos and couples’ imagery that you will want to look back upon for a lifetime…


Dates we are shooting abroad this year (2017/18)

When we’re already shooting abroad we always give a shout-out on our website, Instagram, and Facebook as to where we’re going to be – and invite all our clients to meet with us abroad at no extra cost…

Dates so far for this Year:

  • Rome – March 16th-23rd
  • Malta – April 13-20th
  • Paris – 3rd-7th July
  • Amsterdam – 13th-17th July
  • Rome – Mid-September 2017
  • Malta – End of October 2017
  • Singapore – 19th-25th November

Dates Next Year:

  • Jamaica – April 3rd-10th 2018
  • Rome / Latina – April 27th 2018

Your Engagement Session

Already planning a cheeky weekend away? Are you keen city explorers? Are family or friends paying for a pre-wedding holiday as a gift or favour? Why not kill two birds with one stone by combining your romantic getaway with some fantastic romantic photos of your time together…

As explained in our previous article, engagement sessions are ideal for getting to know your photographer and taking the nerves out of your wedding day photos. Whether you have booked an engagement photo session with us yet or not, please do consider “getting your money’s worth” out of your photos by meeting us abroad for your session.

If you have already booked a pre-wedding or engagement session then great, otherwise please get in touch for prices and options. (No extra cost for taking your session abroad if you meet us at the above locations when we are already there!).

Already Married? Book a Couple’s or Bridal Session

Already married? Haven’t had the chance to have your honeymoon yet? Or, god forbid, you were unlucky enough not to choose Mykey Day Photography to cover your wedding and you’re simply not happy with the photos? Why not treat yourself to a romantic getaway with some fantastic romantic photos of you as a married couple, and capture some stunning wedding photos to keep for a lifetime.

A couple’s session is very similar to the engagement sessions mentioned above, and you do not need to be engaged to have these done.

Feeling adventurous? How’s about a post-bridal session where you can put your wedding dress back on and create some stunning wedding imagery to remember for a lifetime? After all, wedding dresses are expensive, so it would be a shame for it to sit in the wardrobe never to be seen again – don’t you think?

Please note these are the dates we will be in that location, but we may already have shoots booked in – contact for arranging your session.

Please contact us if you’d like to meet us at any of the above locations before booking your flights, to ensure availability. Look forward to hearing from you!


Wedding Photography in Surrey and Kent

Your Wedding Day will never be as important to anyone else as it is to you, but trust us when we say – your wedding will be crucially important to us as well! Please browse our website for examples of our work, and we look forward to making your wedding photographs special too.

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