Destination Wedding Tips and Tricks

Crete wedding photo of bride and groom against the blue sky on rocky beach in Greece, destination wedding photography at the Stella Palace Hotel

More and more it is becoming common for couples from the UK to get married abroad, and this can be a fantastic way to budget a wedding and do something unique (as well as beat the English weather).  We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks from the various weddings we’ve shot abroad.

Do be careful of local laws and customs, some countries like Mexico and Turkey ask for blood tests that you need to pay for in advance.  Some countries may not provide wedding certificates that are recognised in the UK. There are often hidden costs in the country that you may not be aware of until actually on your wedding day – research, research, research!!

Some hotel wedding package deals include a photographer, but we have found this can literally be ‘some guy from reception’ who is given a nice camera and directed by your wedding rep because they may not speak English.  Also, if there is a problem with your wedding pictures when you receive them back in the UK, it can be difficult to determine who exactly to complain to (the company? the hotel? the rep?).

It is definitely worth picking a wedding photographer from an established studio, but make sure you can meet with them before you travel.  Their personality and creative vision will have a lasting impact on your wedding imagery. If you book someone abroad or use the package wedding photographer, you probably won’t get face-to-face time to discuss your requirements or needs, which is crucial in ensuring you have your day captured the way you would want.

in 2015 Mykey shot a wedding in Paphos Cyprus and was informed by the client that the photographer in the hotel had a very expensive looking camera, however had to be shown by a hotel guest how to change the modes on the camera. Not very reassuring.

Many couples who get married abroad choose to have a party back in the UK at a local wedding venue to celebrate with friends and family who may not have been able to see them abroad.  It’s a really good idea in this situation to have your wedding photographer compile and display a slideshow (to music) of the pictures from the wedding, so the UK guests can see what happened, as well as being a free way of reliving your most special moments together…

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