December Newsletter 2020

Payment Deferment For All Clients

We’ve had a couple of clients attempting to make payments despite our payments freeze so we’re reminding you once again that we are deferring all payments until April 2021. Please contact us before making any payment – even if it is a scheduled payment.

This is not only a gesture of goodwill to all those struggling in these difficult times, but we are also hitting three birds with one stone with this measure:

  1. We’re giving those struggling financially more time to pay.
  2. We’re using this opportunity to switch bank accounts to business banking in line with government financial assistance conditions.
  3. We are being taxed heavily this year due to our inability to contract the services we normally would for weddings, and need to defer payments for work we are not doing this year into future tax years when we will be doing that work.

So please take advantage of this offer and we remind you again that the bank account details you currently have should no longer be used until further notice

December Closure – Merry Christmas

This year has been an exceedingly difficult one for us, and we’ve scarcely had a day off since March 14th.  Very few of those many extra days we’ve been working have been doing what we love: taking pictures.  Mostly we have been dealing with the fallout of this pandemic and helping our clients through difficult times.

As such we will be taking an extended Christmas Office Closure from December 5th to January 5th.  We have a Virtual Assistant on standby for new enquiries and emergencies but otherwise please do contact us in the New Year.  Merry Christmas and here’s hoping for a 2021 we can all look forward to.


Once again: We ask that you do not make ANY payments to us without speaking to us in advance – we cannot guarantee the bank details on the back of your contract will still be valid

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