Covid 19 Corona Virus And Your Wedding FAQs

COVID Corona Virus Weddings FAQ


If we move our date is there an extra cost – would we need to pay twice?

We’ve so far had over 40 weddings postpone / reschedule due to covid and we have been simply moving dates at no extra cost.  It’s our opinion that this entire situation is unfortunate for everyone so we have been doing our bit to help out with: no rescheduling fees, advising our clients on how to deal with venues and suppliers acting unfairly, deferring payments, half-price deposits, and more… (check out the blog post linked below).  We see our clients as family and want the best for them in these uncertain times.

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We’re unable to get Wedding insurance right now, does this mean we can’t book?

We are aware that insurance is unavailable at this time, which is typical of big companies that when it is most needed it is unavailable… Our T&Cs ask that you obtain wedding insurance “as soon as it is available for your wedding” so simply suggest that you keep an eye out to secure it once it is available.  Do be aware that many policies only cover things purchased after insurance is purchased, so do read their T&Cs carefully!

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I’ll pay everything by Credit Card, that will replace Insurance, right??

Wrong.  More and more people are becoming aware of the Section 75 Chargeback scheme, it’s brilliant and we’ve used it in the past when suppliers have scammed us.  However, this is designed primarily to beat scams, not to insure weddings.  Ask your credit card company if they offer insurance against weddings or if Section 75 applies, and see what they say…

We now know of at least two instances where this has been used against wedding suppliers, only for the couple to land it court because using the section 75 to claim back money you do actually owe is fraud.  DON’T THINK CREDIT CARD INSURES YOU THE SAME AS WEDDING INSURANCE DOES.


My balance is due, should I pay it?

Currently we have given all our clients a payment holiday deferring all due payments until April next year.  This is one of many measures we have taken to help out in these difficult times. We are also only taking half-price booking fees /deposits so people can secure the wedding photography and videography they want, despite the circumstances.


Should I worry that you might go out of business? What happens to my money?


We are experienced at handling a lot of storms (wedding day and otherwise) in our long history, and Covid-19 is no different. Our business was born (and grew rapidly) in the last recession over 10 years ago. We are confident we will continue to operate successfully and take fantastic pictures of all our clients on their most special day.

Whilst no-one is ‘doing great’ at these times, we are blessed that we seem to be doing better than most.  Thanks to our fantastic clients, our ongoing financial prudence, and our passion for what we do; whilst we definitely have been affected, we are not in anywhere as bad a state as others.

Many other wedding industry professionals are demanding full or early payments as they are desparate, where we are offering a payment holiday.

Some other wedding industry professionals are inventing extra costs or old unpaid bills to grab money, where we are offering big discounts on new services to our current and future clients to ease the burden.

Many of our favourite and respected colleagues are being forced to take on another job or part-time work, but we are lucky that we have not needed to.

In short, where others are struggling, we are not too far from business as usual.  We thank our current and new clients for the confidence they have placed in us which has meant we have bookings up to and including 2024, and we have no reason at all to suspect we could not cover these special days.


Why haven’t you been posting lots of weddings recently?

Simply put, we have only shot a small number (for us) of weddings this year, and our clients have not wanted to see their weddings shared and promoted in the way we normally would.  We completely understand, and out of respect we have not done so.

Also, rather bluntly, we’ve been working hard 24/7 to get through this terrible year and help our many dozens of clients who feel stranded by the situation, and whilst it’s ironic for a wedding photography/videography business – posting pictures just simply hasn’t been a priority.


Will my wedding be different?


If you are getting married under current restrictions then your day is restricted to 15 guests and everyone must wear facemasks.  We have shot a few weddings now like this, but we approach them with the same due dedication we do with all our weddings.  We’re working with all our clients to safely deliver imagery that tells the story of their wedding day.

A big part of our timeline consultation included with all our collections is to discuss all these things with you, so you can make informed decisions as to what your wedding day will look like.  This is true in normal times, and also during the corona pandemic.



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