Choosing A Wedding Videographer in Kent Surrey & London

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Whether it’s Marryoke or modern cinematic videography you’re looking for in Kent, Essex, or Surrey – there’s a lot to consider when deciding which videographer to video your beautiful wedding. This often seems like a simple add-on with leftover budget, or a would-be-nice, or even a present/favour from a family member or wedding guest. But choosing the wrong videographer for your wedding day can spell DISASTER – and trusted Kent wedding professional photographer Mykey Day explains why…


UPDATE – Mykey Day Photography now offers Videography to both our clients and to all brides and grooms looking for stunning cinematic wedding videography without any of the problems and pitfalls below – CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR EXCITING COLLECTIONS

 Kent-Wedding-Videography-2017-Website-Mykey-Day-Photography-Kent-Wedding-Photographer-15-1024x696 Choosing A Wedding Videographer in Kent Surrey & London

So maybe you’ve got some leftover budget for your wedding, or a really good friend or family member has pitched in some money last minute, and hiring a Kent videographer might seem like a good idea? Well there’s a lot to consider with videography – two of the main points being a) will the quality be commensurate with the photographer you have commissioned (and therefore worth doing), and b) will video ruin the photos (or vice versa).
In the past we’ve had clients book a cheap videographer as an ‘extra thought’ or ‘would be nice’ – or quite often a dad or mum decides to get one as a wedding gift, and then to their horror this has the knock on effect of spoiling the photography, with not very good quality video to show for it either…

Now, that’s not to say if you hire a top wedding videographer they will ruin your photos, far from it. In fact this is the very point – when we have had couples who wanted video as a big part of their memories, their wedding video and wedding photos have been fantastic. This is because they are looking for a videographer early on, searching for a professional company, and following our advice of spending at least 75% as much on videography as they do on photography. Top wedding videographers know how to work with photographers, and have the appropriate equipment to match.

The real problems start when couples have a spare £3-400 in their budget and think “wouldn’t it be nice to have video as well…” Well, in this case we think the answer is “no”.

Kent-Wedding-Videography-2017-Website-Mykey-Day-Photography-Kent-Wedding-Photographer-10-1024x683 Choosing A Wedding Videographer in Kent Surrey & London

How cheap Wedding Videographers can ruin your photos


Similar to our article here where we explained how and why hiring a cheap photographer will actually cost you more in the end, hiring a cheap wedding videographer can have the effect of spoiling your wedding photos – and therefore costing you more than your photography budget for your wedding! The first reason is equipment:


Many of the more inexperienced videographers use ‘darlek’ tripods and ‘bazooka’ camcorders, which are unnecessarily large and are huge eye-sores:  spoiling your wedding photos down the aisle or on the dance floor…

Mykey has worked in television broadcasting and also shot a lot of video himself, and so we know that these antiquated pieces of equipment are simply not necessary. Many of the top Television and cinematic productions you have watched have been filmed on the same type of DSLR (camera) that Mykey Day Photography uses for photos. These compact, small, lightweight cameras are not only much smaller and lighter than the 80s ‘bazooka cams’, they also produce much, much better quality video, with more creative options (due to lens choice).

The only reason a videographer (in our opinion) would not be using a DSLR like this (or Red or similar system), is because they simply can’t afford the professional gear. In fact, all the top wedding videographers we’ve had the pleasure of working with, have had literally the same cameras and lenses we have.

Can’t you just Photoshop them out?

Well, yes and no… Yes we can, but in order to do this to potentially hundreds of images they are spoiling, would take many, many hours editing time above and beyond what we would normally have to do. A colleague of ours was recently asked to do this, and had to further bill the couple £1’500.00 for the additional time and effort to re-edit the photos. So your ‘cheap’ videographer just got A WHOLE LOT more expensive, ey?

For this reason, we often ‘shoot around’ the videographer and their equipment – but by definition this is literally restricting us as photographers and artists – and limiting what we can do…


Cheap means Inexperienced

It’s a cliché but it really is true, “you get what you pay for”. So is the case with videography, we’ve found for anything under £700.00 (your area may vary) you’re more likely to be getting a hobby-ist or amateur than a professional.

“But Mykey we don’t care if the video isn’t that professional or good, we just want to hear the speeches and vows – it’s the photos that matter!”

Yes, but if a cheap videographer ruins your wedding photos – then you’re really getting the worst of both worlds. Their very unprofessional nature and inexperience can lead to spoiled wedding photos, and here’s how:

Sometimes inexperienced and unprofessional videographers fight us for prime locations to stand (and set up their darlek tripods). The reason they fight us is because often they are desperate for portfolio as they have so few weddings under their belt. All of a sudden, their portfolio is more important than your wedding day, and even when they’ve been asked to keep out of the way, they won’t budge…

Our favourite act of videographer selfishness: when they stand right next to the couple, literally on the dance floor, less than 2 feet away. There are many ways to capture video of the first dance (including the composition they are looking for), but they do literally the only one that will ruin your imagery.

[See the images below where the videographers wife decided to stand on the dance floor along with her husband, and take a few snaps on her iPhone.  Need we say more?!?!?]


Decide who has ‘Creative Control’

One way around this problem of videographer inexperience is to decide who has ‘creative control’ of imagery on your day. Basically, we always tell our clients to decide which is more important to them: photo or video (and we’re not offended if you choose video over photos), and then whoever has creative control can ask the others to move.

This way, if a videographer sets up a tripod in the aisle or on stage that’s going to just shine like a beacon in the photos – we can ask them to move and they will know that you, as the couple, want this to happen.


Wedding Videographer horror story (true story)…

We did once shoot a wedding where the videographer who threw a massive temper-tantrum when he was asked to move (despite being asked to comply with us by the couple – as above) and then refused to comply with any instruction afterwards. Now, this videographer had normally shot marryoke at small reception venues – and this was their first time at a top prestigious Kent Wedding Venue, so our (fairly confident) guess is that this particular videographer saw this wedding as their ‘big break’ into prestige weddings, and continued to do whatever the hell he wanted to do.

The couple had spent over £2’500 on photography, and barely £3/400 on this videographer, which is why we as the photographers were given creative control. So when it came time to shoot the confetti shot, the videographer (out of spite at this point) refused to move from where the associate photographer needed to be. At this point the couple had to ask the videographer to leave the wedding altogether. Only after some conversations with the best man (and apologies), were they allowed back to film the first dance, which they also promptly spoiled….

Don’t let this happen to you…

So what should I be looking for in a wedding videographer?

We hope now you realise that choosing a wedding videographer is an incredibly important decision that should not be taken lightly. A few things you can ask/look for in a Kent wedding videographer that hopefully will avoid any nightmares:

  1. Price – We suggest, as a ball-park figure, you should be spending at least 70% as much on videography as photography, if not the same amount, in order to be more likely of getting a professional with the appropriate experience. (Circa: £1’500-£2’000 in the south-east).
  1. What equipment do they use? – Is it an 80s Bazooka cam? Or modern professional equipment?
  1. Do they have a large portfolio? – By ‘large’ we mean 30+ wedding videos you can watch. If they only have three or four videos to show you, it’s entirely possible, they have only ever worked on three or four weddings….
  1. Have they worked with photography/photographers before? – The old joke is that only failed photographers become videographers. This is both incorrect, and misleading. However if they do have experience of photography as well as videography, this can be a sign they’ll know what to do and what not to do.
  1. Are they a photographer masquerading as a Videographer? – We firmly believe that videography and photography are both amazing art forms, but excellence in one does not guarantee quality in the other (see below). If they are a photographer dabbling with video on the side, this is a BIG RED FLAG. All the best wedding videographers specialise in videography, and videography alone…
  1. Are they going to bring a family member as an assistant? – Once again, this is a problem shared in common with photography. If they are offering a “second shooter” or “second camera-person”, check if they themselves are professionals – or just the ‘wife/daughter/son’ drafted in for free… Need we say more…?

Do you do Video?

UPDATE – Mykey Day Photography now offers Videography to both our clients and to all brides and grooms looking for stunning cinematic wedding videography without any of the problems and pitfalls below – CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR EXCITING COLLECTIONS


Kent & London Wedding Photographer Mykey Day

We hope none of this has scared you, and indeed – we’re here to help!! For all the above reasons we have a few wedding videographers who we happily recommend.

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